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    Mrs PM is thinking of getting a Dawg Supreme (07). She’s found a good deal but not having ridden one is a bit concerned about it possibly being a bit wandery/light on the climbs. Looks like a great alround bit of kit…and it’s a nice colour! 😉 Any idea about weight?

    Ta all.


    Great all round bike. About 31 lbs mine was I think. I found it better on techy climbs than my Nomad though not as good on the downs!


    I have a 2006 one I am about to sell as it is too small for me but apart from that I like it alot, I think that it climbs very well, but I can get over the front very easily, decends ok for what I want as well. The weight is not to bad it will never be a xc race bike but you are not buying a bike like the Dawg to be one, It is a grind away all day bike and playing in the woods bike. overall I like it and it is a shame that I got the wrong size, If they had kept the travel at 5" I would be buying a new one to replace it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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