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    Snakeskin are better if you are going to insist on schwalbe but nics and ralphs are XC tyres so maybe not surprising that they don’t like rock gardens and drop offs at low pressures!

    Maxxis work well, particularly tubeless. I’ve never split a tyre running tubeless in 7 years of doing so on 2 bikes. I personally prefer the newer conti offerings with protection sidewalls.


    More weight on the back wheel = more pressure required.


    Will have a look at some Maxxis tyres thanks.

    Most of the riding I do is XC, so would be nice to keep them fairly lightweight but then not have to worry too much going through a rocky descent or small drops.

    If I go tubeless I wouldn’t want to have to be swapping tyres about if I go somewhere downhill orientated.

    Might be better sticking with tubes and getting a DH tyre instead?


    I keep getting pinch flats on the back tyre when i have anything less than ~35 PSI. Currently swapping between Nobby Nic and Ralph but have the same issue with both. At this pressure the back end seems to step out too easily cornering. I usually get pinch flats in rock gardens or off drop-offs, i do try soak up most of the brunt with my knees.

    I’m hoping to convert to tubeless, but reading reviews many seem to split sidewalls after a few rides, and similarly with tubes get pinch flats all the time.

    Do the snake-skin sidewalled tyres offer any more protection against pinch flats, or is just a little more resistant to cuts?
    Should I be using a different tyre?

    Im just over 12 stone, and have about 25 PSI in the front with no issues.

    What pressure do you run in the rear tyre?
    I’m just concerned that if I run tubeless I will either split the sidewalls or damage my wheel…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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