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  • trail_rat

    Quick whois on the interweb

    “ insurance is a trading name of Aviva Insurance Limited, “

    from their own website

    “At, we have a new start up’s optimism, enthusiasm and ambition. And like many of the best start ups, we’re guided by being customer obsessed and are proudly low cost.

    We’re a small, tight-knit team based in a cosy basement office in Southwark, London – not an expensive shiny skyscraper in the City. (We’re really close to Borough Market and Monmouth Coffee.) Our customer services, business analysts, online developers and marketing team all sit side by side which means we get things done quickly. Information moves quickly through our customer services team and social media channels, so we’re really close to our customers.

    We are a marketing mans wet dream.

    Personally those exclusions are so vague id be phoning for clarification in writing.

    From the FAQ:

    The question
    Are bicycles covered under home insurance?

    The answer
    Yes –while they’re in your home or outbuildings (not in the garden), they are covered under the contents section.

    We offer pedal cycle options which will cover all the cycles in your household for theft, accidental loss or damage, including incidents occurring away from your home, if secured to an immovable object, anywhere in the world.

    You should choose a sum insured which is high enough to cover your most expensive bike and each of your bikes will be automatically covered up to this limit. This is optional with all cover levels.


    sounds promising for my M&S renewal in october then

    Anyone had any experience with these?

    Just getting quotes together for Buildings and Contents insurance, Around £300 without the bikes on the policy. Adding all the bikes knocks out all but two companies, one at £600 and one at £1400. The cheaper one is and their quote insures all bikes individually up to a maximum cost of £2500.

    Wording in the Policy is:

    Pedal cycles
    This cover only applies when shown on your schedule.
    We will provide cover for loss of or damage to your pedal cycles
    anywhere in the world up to the limit shown on your schedule.
    We will not cover:
    • loss or damage to tyres or accessories unless the pedal cycle
    is stolen or damaged at the same time;
    • loss or damage while the pedal cycle is being used for racing,
    pace making trials or business purposes;
    • theft unless the cycle is:
    – in your immediate custody and control;
    – securely locked to an object that cannot be moved;
    – in a locked building;
    • any pedal cycle with a motor;
    • anything set out in the General exclusions section of this
    policy booklet.

    Does anyone have any experience of quotemehappy and are there other things I should be checking to make sure my bikes would be properly covered?



    Check whether it’s new for old cover and what their definitions of immovable object and securely locked are (some of the cycling specific insurers are pretty finicky on that),


    I have my car insured with them and they’re pretty hard to contact once they have your money. Have my house and bike insured with the AA, bargain, didnt even have to specify the bike and its covered for £5k !

    Premier Icon mrelectric

    Their exclusions about being locked up when unattended are pretty standard now (and perhaps common sense?) even on my home policy. They hiked up my excess to £250 after a chav break-in at work and a claim…

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Note if it is in a locked building it doesn’t need to be locked to an immoveable object also if I read that correctly.

    I think the 3 points where theft are covered should be read

    Care custody etc


    Locked to an immoveable


    In a locked building

    Simply – if you’re at work then the bike isn’t in your immediate care custody etc as you’re not with it so can’t be and and and.


    Danny B

    I’m not too arsed about insurance off the property to be honest, I’m comfortable with that risk as I can manage it and it would only be one or two bikes max that went.

    I need to weigh up the risks v the cost if quotemehappy are likely to be problematic as the next quote up is too expensive really. Likelihood of theft is very low compared with the average and it wouldn’t really matter if they weren’t all replaced as I have more than I need really. Just need to make a decision quickly as I need the insurance in place before we can buy the place on Friday.

    Are bike specific policies still generally about 10% of the replacement cost?

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    You can always add the bike cover in later and just get the rest of the cover in force so you can exchange and complete.


    Danny B


    I’ve just got a far better quote from Aviva than my M&S renewal (+ £40 cashback to come from TopCashback later)

    M&S are only offering me £1k bikes as standard (I know some people still getting £2K bit I wasn’t ?) and the premium increased by over £100 to cover a £2.5k bike resulting in a total M&S price of about £450 , Aviva price £222. I’m off to try Quotemehappy right now…

    Premier Icon steveoath

    Avoid avoid avoid.

    great when they give you a good quote, but try and contact them and you’ll wish you were with someone else. Very difficult to get a word out of them.


    ..and the result is that they (Q M H)are more expensive for me than Aviva and they ask a lot more questions and suggest lower limits. I’m guessing my quote was larger as I tried to increase cover to match the other quotes).
    So Aviva it is ..bye bye M&S. I’m expecting they will ask why and I’ll tell them it is because of the changes in the cycle cover…I’d like to think that if enough people tell them then they might improve the cycle cover in future

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