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    They’re having website issues just now, seem to be mostly operating through their facebook. As far as I know it’s still weekends only (and not all weekends), they were talking about evening sessions earlier in the year though and I think they do private bookings on request.

    Rob Hilton

    Speak to Tally 07709144299.

    I’ve arranged a mid-week at Ae with him before and didn’t have too much trouble filling it with people from here & Southern DH.

    OK Guys

    Thanks for the responses

    I am up on my own, so looks like i may struggle in terms of numbers.

    Looks like the big push-up then

    Thanks again


    Regarding the Innerleithen uplift, when does it operate? Weekends? Events only? Or is there anything running through the week?

    Have tried to get information from the upliftscotland website, but does’nt appear to be working


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    Tally was or is on holiday in France atm

    He is as said above looking for someone to fix his web site, has lost contact with the guy who created it

    Pop in to I-cycles and speak to Steve he might be able to advise

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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