How many “spares” have you managed to ammass?

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  • How many “spares” have you managed to ammass?
  • juan

    1 spare stem
    1 spare handlebar
    1 spare set of hope mini
    1 spare XT crank
    1 spare seat post
    1 spare saddle
    1 seat clamp QR
    1 seat clamp bolt on
    1 spare fork (van 125 RLC) in someone’s garage in southampton
    1 spare deore rear mech
    If you count as spare the whole drive train I just took back from my hardtail (gear shifters/front and rear mech) that more crap around


    Enough to probably build up a new bike. Have pretty much a whole 9spd setup ready for when my 8spd work hack bike needs a new drive train.
    At last count i had about 3 spare front mechs of various types, spare bars, seatposts, a couple of spare wheels.
    I really need to sell some stuff on classifieds, but being the compulsive hoarder i am i doubt i will.
    Daffy if you want to sell a couple of floating rotors i’ll have a black 203 and 180mm one please! 😆


    hardly anything anymore since I made a complete bike out of them for mrs 83


    My worst is I now have 3 spare Hollowtech cranksets… 1 brand new deore and 2x (2nd hand) XT ones.. I do have two bikes to fit 2 of them to, when there current ones go, to be fair.
    A spare set of Sherman breakouts or a lefty (and a 20mm wheel and a lefty hubbed wheel to match) depending on what I go with on the one bike.
    2 sets of hydro brakes (ignore a third that’s my m8’s)
    A thudbuster that I’ve never even used (it was bought 2nd hand, in new condition)

    Think they are the worst of my hoard, though at one point i had enough to kit out a a bike, so I bought another frame and did it!

    Good god I wish you hadn’t made me think about it.


    About enough to put a bike together except for a frame – well obviously actually.. 😳

    Premier Icon Daffy

    What’s the most ridiculous amount of a single type of something that you have spare?

    Finally finished exams yesterday and was able to kit out the bikes with the new stuff I’ve bought over the last 6 weeks.

    Now counted up the spares:

    14 SPARE floating rotors….14! ffs!

    11 spare seatclamps in various sizes and guises

    Come on then fellas, what’re you hoarding?


    If you can’t put a bike/SS together from the spares in the shed – Keith Bontrager won’t come to tea – FACT*

    Mister P

    Two frames and three forks. No drivetrain parts though.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    I have 2 spare frames
    Loads of chainrings
    2 cassettes
    SRAM Rocket Shifters
    3 front mechs
    Bars & Stem
    Seatposts various
    Seat clamps various
    Wheels 2 back 1 front, road pair.
    Tyres – about 10 or 15. ish. Mostly part worn.
    Thats about it. I think.
    Oh and most of a spare road bike which may sometime be turned into a commuting hack if I can be bothered.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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