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  • Honeywell CM927 users – seen this problem before?
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    Ive had about 4yrs faultless service from my two CM927 thermostats until the other day.

    Initially it would send a continuous call for heat signal to the relay. It did this for a few days before I noticed at which point I removed and reinstalled the batteries and it seemed to work for another 24-48hrs normally.

    Then the LCD went very faint/blank. Again I removed the batteries, tested for voltage supply from the batteries and reinstalled them. The screen returned to normal, but now the Room Temp is showing 39-42.5 degrees (!), all other functions and the screen contrast are working fine. I can not get it to show the correct room temp.

    I have removed the batteries and replaced with a fresh set and the problem remains. I have reset the user program to factory settings but that hasn’t solved anything.

    Anyone know if there is a software reset routine for it? I cant find one in the literature. Im guessing 4yrs is out of warranty, but surely you’d expect it to reasonably work for longer than that 🙁

    Ive emailed honeywell tech support – finger’s crossed they have a fix or a replacement for me.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    My professional diagnosis is that it’s ****.

    That will be £250+VAT.


    You’re doomed.

    Tech support = buy newer model.

    Is this the start of ‘what bodge repair for a wood burner….’ threads?

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    I shall spite MrHoneywell by jerry-rigging a series of levers and pivots from my bedside to the central heating pump instead.

    More seriously, 4yrs out of a £125 controller? I will be having words with them I think.

    Premier Icon paulosoxo

    Is there a button cell battery as part of the controller?

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    Good qu paulo! Hadn’t thought of that….
    Id need to open it up to find out as it’s not got it’s own battery compartment.

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    Well, that’s a nope.
    pcb all looks fine, no burnouts, no oxidation. No reason not to work from visual inspection, I can only assume it’s something like a memory unit is not working properly 🙁

    Battery out for 2 hours hasnt fixed it, but it does remember time and date so it must have some long term no voltage memory.
    I wonder if it would clear if left with no battery for a week?

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    It’s a 1 yr warranty and Honeywell dont want to know about it save for me buying another one.

    Fat chance.

    I used to recommend these but at £125 each with a risk of a three year lifespan, that’s not going to happen again. I’d rather run the risk of a a £30 chinese el-cheapo failing in the same length of time.

    What’s the point of paying premium for something with a UK/US brand if the company don’t back their own products? If I want to be left high and dry I can get the pleasure of a good reaming from eBay Hong Kong thankyouverymuch!

    And the same goes for the pile-of-crap Technoline weather stations.
    £110 for

    and the sender unit fails in <3yrs. They want another £40 for it – no discount, no warranty replacement. Stuff that! The remnants go on eBay and I will happily make do with a £10 inside/outside digital thermometer thank you.


    Not good , what do you all need to control ? Is the salus rt500 too simple for your needs – with all the different heat sources and zones/wings you have in the barn mines not looking pretty has been robust. If its even half as old as the heating system i removed then its had a good innings and id throw the same back in.

    Premier Icon phiiiiil

    I’m on my fourth weather station in four years (I think), and I just had to reset this one as it had lost sync with the outside bit for some reason. I don’t know whether I have some sort of affect on them (can you look at them too much?) or whether they’re all just a little bit cheap’n’nasty…

    We have a CM927 as well. Should I stock up on warm jumpers?


    Ive been using these Honeywells in my house for many years and put them in a house I rented out.

    When I sold the rental house I took it out with the aim to sell on ebay. I never got round to it.

    About 6 months ago the one in my current house just died ie the screen went. I put it down to it having been dropped by 3 yr old 2-3 times. However googling showed it was a common problem and Honeywell don’t give 2 hoots.

    Luckily I still have my old one which is now about 8 yes old and still working.

    If that one goes wouldn’t buy another. Unfortunately in the past i did recommend them here too.

    Might look at that British Gas smartphone app controlled one next…if they do a windows phone app version

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    tt – I just need a wireless relay controller with a handful of day periods to set temp target. Doesnt need 7 or 5/2 day, just 1 day will do.

    I was thinking of one of those cheap Salus or the like. Im keeping an eye out on ebay.

    Fortunately I actually dont have much need of zone control in the barn. I have one to control the upsatird rad pump and one to control the downstairs UFH pump. When I finish walling in the boys toy room, then I will need one more controller and a handful of motorized zone valves though. They wont be Honeywell either. Bastards.

    Interesting to hear youve had same problems FD.

    phiiil – much as it was interesting to check windspeed and pressure, TBH it is external/internal temp that I use the most. I now have one of these

    Premier Icon ransos

    More seriously, 4yrs out of a £125 controller? I will be having words with them I think.

    That’s twice as long as you should expect from an On One carbon frame. 😉

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    trail_rat, thanks for the pointer. Salus RF500 arrived from eBay this morning. £36 delivered.

    Easy swap, works fine. Plenty of range on the RF. And comes with a 2yr warranty whereas Honeywell only offer 1yr. And their stuff is patently shit at 3x the price.

    *puts Honeywell in the “Shit” column in his little notebook next to Celt sheepskin slippers and Technoline weather stations*



    I’ve just found this page by searching the net as I too have just found this week that the ‘room temp’ on my Honeywell CM927 is measuring 43.5 degrees!

    I contacted Honeywell and was told that this was not a known issue with the unit and it was suggested i remove the batteries and leave for approx 8 hours then re-insert the batteries. If this didn’t fix it then I would need a new unit!

    I did as they suggested but it made no difference.

    I’m presuming the unit is of no use anymore! I reckon I have had it about 3yrs….

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