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  • Help me choose a new rim please.
  • passtherizla

    So I will be ordering a set of new wheels tomorrow.
    They will be going on my Rocket, they will be used for natural Scottish trails, trail centres, and light DH use. So I Have been looking at Notubes rims because of how light they build up.

    Arch EX on Hope pro2 EVO should build into a wheelset weighing about 1700g, Flow EX wheelset builds to about 1890g. I weigh just over 12 stone, 170ish lbs, I do jump about a fair bit but not ever big. Probably never use a Tyre bigger than 2.4 even for miniDH, was actually thinking of 2.35 hans dampf.

    So my question is Should I go for Arch EX or Flow EX?



    Flow Ex.Or Pacenti DL31.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Where will you be getting them from? Looking to do the same..Flow EX for me (14st)


    721, standard issue! Been using my front one since about 2010 still working well after numerous crashes, poor jumping technique and a season in Whistler 🙂


    +1 for Mavic 721.


    I really like my Spank Subrosa Evo rims: They aren’t quite as light as the Flows, but still pretty light, and can take a beating (such as Whistler bike park this year).


    SO wish Mavic made an 821…


    I ran Mavic 823’s for three years and they were bombproof, but weigh a freekin ton. Since going to Flow rims I have had to rebuild my wheels more and have dented rims half the time but the bike is so much better feeling. The trade off for the lighter rim is worth it in my book… and as a result I’ll recommend the Flow rim as it’s what I use for the riding you describe.

    I’m awaiting delivery of some Wider Carbon rims from China which have the dimensions of a Flow but weigh 363g each… there were some the same built into wheels on the clasifieds the other day for a good price (if your willing to try 24 spokes Here ).


    went with Flow EX hoops from 18 bikes in the end.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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