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  • slowrider

    Ok il start by admitting that I’m serial upgrader and bike tart. In my own mind these upgrades are worthwhile and I’m not prepared to hear otherwise 😛

    I’ve got a zesty 714 which came with some float 140’s which I sold cos I found them too flexy. I picked up a pair of revelation race 150s and a pair of float 36r’s 2nd hand to try out and found them both to be alright, though I think I prefer the 36’s(set at 140), more for their performance as the revs seemed stiff enough.

    Now, do I keep the revs but get them pushed? Keep the 36’s but get the fit cartridge upgrade? Or get a new pair of blackbox revs? Or a pair of 36’s with the kashima wotsit? Or maybe even some BOS forks? Obviously any would be good but how do I choose!?


    Add upgrading the damper on the RS to a Blackbox version, to you list as a cheaper alternative to buying another set/getting them PUSHed (fishers are out of stock till mid july though).

    Choices choices, it’s nice to have them… How do you choose? Can’t help as there all good kit with good rep’s and very litte to complain about, none are going to be a bad choice IMO. Stick em all on paper and pick one out a hat?

    ..if I had the spare cash I think the BOS would be on my list of to “try”, mainly cause there new, but also as they are apparently very very good and don’t have the silly service interval of ‘other’ forks require.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    In my own mind these upgrades are worthwhile and I’m not prepared to hear otherwise

    Just buy the most expensive ones then. They are bound to be the bestest.


    BOS forks are the most expensive/most rare so that sounds like the thing for you. 🙂


    kashima uppers and a fit cart for the 36’s? And a set of 2012 decals, obviously. Brings them bang up to date and costs less than buying new

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    Blackbox Rev is on the same level as the best Floats… Not the same, they have give or take in terms of performance but they’re definately fair competitors. So if the Revs are stiff enough and you don’t need the extra travel of the 36s I’d say go with the Rev upgrade and keep the weight lower.

    Though I wouldn’t say no to a BOS fork.


    blackboxing your old revs cheaper than buying new ones if the rest of the fork is the same?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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