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  • zaskar

    A) Yes
    B) NA
    C) Yes-branches, flies etc
    D) 5% donw without / 95% always wear glasses


    90% of the time I wear bolle safety glasses.


    b)I don’t get on with them
    c)Yes a few times
    d)100%…… or 90% if you’re classing the closing of ones eyes as protection, to avoid things going in them ….


    a) mostly
    b) only if I forget em
    c) small twigs, branches, grit
    d) always wear them except on rare occasions when I forget them


    a) Yes
    b) Sometimes not if it’s humid / raining
    c) Yes
    d) 5%

    I always wear glasses in the woods: I’ve cut my face below my glasses when going through over hanging branches and I’ve taken a gut to A&E after he did similar on a night ride – the glasses deflected the branch off his eys and he had cut forehead and lower eyelid.
    If it’s raining or humid I don’t wear them if I’m on train in the open. Always wear them on the road bike to keep flys out and stop my eyes / contact lenses watering.


    a) do you wear eye protection when on your bike?
    b) if not why not?
    c) have you ever been poked in the eye with a sharp stick, or hit by a flying object in the face, when out on your bike?
    d) what proportion of your riding is done without eye protection?

    a)all the time. Prescription glasses for commuting, contacts for “proper” riding, which then demand something over the top to keep the sh!t out – Spesh adaptalites for most riding, cheapo clear shades for night rides and goggles for DH
    b) N/A
    c)Yes. I regularly end up with minor lacerations from brambles, gorse etc and i’ve been hit in the face by my bike a few times too.
    d) very little. Occasional climbs if it’s REALLY tipping it down.

    Premier Icon allyharp

    a) sometimes
    b) find it unnecessary when there’s no rain and away from trees
    c) not that i can remember
    d) 75-85%


    The case for the use of eye protection has not yet been scientifically made.

    Biggest pile of sh1t spoken on any internet forum, EVER.


    a) Yes.
    c) Not in the eye but I’ve been stabbed by a few branches/etc on the face
    d) Almost none – I wear contact lenses so I find that glasses stop crap getting in them (which can be excruciating as any contact lense wearer will tell you). I do occassionally take them off if it’s really wet and my glasses are fogged/making visibility difficult.


    Biggest pile of sh1t spoken on any internet forum, EVER.

    I think we can be fairly sure glasses are reasonably harmless – but OTOH perhaps the blink reflex is sufficient ? The one time I nearly got poked in the eye on a ride it came in from the side and would have missed any glasses

    I wear (hard) contacts too, but rarely get anything under them…


    I wear them all the time – Im always loosing it and ending up with my face in the bush.

    (My girlfriend does complain sometimes)


    perhaps the blink reflex is sufficient
    given the figures for sports-induced ocular injury, clearly it isn’t.


    a) No

    b) Within seconds they’re either covered in mud or sweat and I can no longer see through them. Wiping them smears and makes matters worse, so I do without.

    c) Yes – but nothing serious.

    d) 95% Sometimes I wear dark glasses when it’s proper sunny, but they always end up in my back pocket as soon as they steam up too much or sweat gets on them.


    a) yep
    b) n/a
    c) odd bugs, mud, pebbles etc
    d) about 5%. long climbs and if i’m out with MsSwoosh as we dont go very fast. I wear contact lenses when riding so i get dry eyes easily if i dont wear glasses.


    If you get poo in your eye you will go out and buy glasses. Or just goole images for sticks in the eye.


    a/ Yes. My old man worked in Moorfields (eye hospital) for much of his working life and his tales of seemingly innocuous events leading to catastrophic eye injury has scared me into it. Besides which my specs cost north of £300 so I’m not going to wear them, lenses + Specialised singletracks for me.

    b/ na

    c/ Hit by flying mud/insects regularly.

    d/ 1% maybe


    A> Mostly no, only sunnies when it’s bright
    B> I find them annoying, especially when they get dirty and coming in and out of light + expense + keep losing them
    C> Scratch eye on a bramble once, eye watered loads then I went for a siesta then it was better
    D> 70% without glasses, actually quite enjoying Oakley Gascans in the Andalusian sunshine


    a) Yes
    b) n/a
    c) yup a scratched corena from a tree branch that resulted in a few days off work due to secondary complaints like blinding headaches/lack of sleep. It still gives me the occasional problem today.
    d) Only when on the road and it’s not sunny.

    Dom C

    a) No
    b) Never really thought about, but guess it’s a bit of vanity. Plus I never wear sunglasses either. Don’t like the idea of having to wear extra clobber to just go riding.
    c) Plenty of mud, couple of flies, nothing big

    TBH I’ve been looking at getting a cheap pair this last week, so I’ll soon be one of those people who never takes them off


    If you get poo in your eye you will go out and buy glasses

    I must have done hundreds of times

    I do have glasses, and always carry them with me, but lack any motivation to wear them, except in those rare times when the sun is really bright

    a) No
    b) Don’t like them, Riding glasses press my temples and behind ears and give me a headache. I have tried several styles and spent ££ a few times, but can’t get on with them, and they all remain in a drawer.
    c) Nearly with sticks, yes with dirt. I ride full mudguards though which stops 99.5% of the muck. Adjustable visor on Xen stops the rain and helps with flies. Mostly I put up when flies go in, and I swear a lot when they go in both eyes at the same time.
    d) 99.9% without glasses.


    Riding glasses press my temples and behind ears and give me a headache
    Sounds as though you’ve only tried a few, or have a very oddly-shaped head.


    or a very large one lol

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