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  • Elbow and knee pads for a four year old?
  • mogsuncle

    Has anyone got any recommendations for elbow and knee pads for kids around four years old? Ideally a bit girly and useable when riding?



    Strider. My 2yr olds just worn his at the national BMX track!

    Premier Icon igm

    My elbow /forearm pads fitted as knee shin pads for himself around that age. 661 they were.


    Great. Thanks guys.

    Premier Icon JoeG

    I know that I’ve seen sets of knee and elbow pads for kids a Walmart, Target, etc. They might be with the scooters and scateboards more than the bikes, though.

    If you’re after a brand, check out the ProTec ones.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I have some pads you are welcome to for free either yellow n blue or black only. They were given to us and our kids have used them until now – drop me an email.


    I have tried quite a few different elbow pads for my 4 year old son and the best ones by far are the Fox PeeWee ones (supposed to be for motocross I think).

    Premier Icon MadBillMcMad

    Might be daft to point out but don’t forget some gloves as well

    Premier Icon jonathan

    My eldest has been using EVS Option Minis since he was about 4 (still using them at 7, and I just bought his cousins sets for their Xmas pressies). They’re a bit more “knee and shin” than just knee, but they’re not too bulky and the stay in place well when they need to. Been comfy for long rides too.

    Using Lizard Skin Soft elbow pads on his arms – really good fit range with long velcro straps you can trim down, and enough protection without being restrictive.

    Plus 661 gloves FTW 🙂

    One of mine (now 5) has the evs minis that work well, though they can look a bit cumbersome they seem to work great. The eldest has some 661’s that I found cheap somewhere they’re a bit too large to be honest but he seems to cope ok, he likes the soft feel of them and the back of his knees are a bit dodgy so I’m just happy he’s in them.

    I’ve got some giro remedy kids gloves on fleabay that might do a job if you haven’t got them sorted already.

    Premier Icon Pridds

    Mate got a set of the g form ones for his 3 year old son and really rates them. Got the 2xs ones and they fit well

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