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  • Car hire in Tenerife?
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    We found the buses good for getting around last time we were there. Taxi from the airport and then buses?
    Holiday Autos usually have good rates.


    You need to watch out for the ‘we charge you for a full tank of fuel’ scam

    I can recommend Plus Car both for price and service, no hidden costs etc.
    You have to walk into the car park and meet the rep rather than queue up at a kiosk but it’s all good


    We have used auto reisen more times, never had any problems.
    Around 100pounds for a week, which i think is well worth it over having to work around bus times.


    Away to Tenerife for hols soon. Need a rental car from South Airport.

    Any recommendations on car rental providers beyond the usual AVIS, etc?


    Dont ever use gold something renta car. Vile rip off merchants VOE.
    Not me , but one of many

    Goldcar Car Rental Rip-Off


    Hi Guys,

    I am still in Tenerife, just back from the PLUS CAR rental car. The company is terrible and the assistance too. We rented a car with them. The lock of the car was broken, last night we have been stuck for 20 mins because we could not open the car anymore. The tires were in very bad condictions and, at the same time, the company on the insurance policy does not cover the tires in case of damage. So they give you a car with bad tires and they could charge you when you return the car because of it. I went to the rental today to change my car as we are leaving from here in a week.

    What I have been told about the lock is that it is normal… is just a little mistake of producers of the car.

    What I have been told about the tires is that even if there were deep scratches on the tires. I did not have to be worried because it was normal again.

    Basically I kept on getting notices by the car display about the tires and that was normal as well. They wont change us the car, so I had to pay 80 euros more to get a car in good condictions.

    I have never been in such of a bad situation with rentals. This is definitively the worst I have ever experienced. If you want to spend a good holiday with no troubles, avoid them…..THEY ARE THE TROUBLE. Hope this will be useful.


    Spanish rentals Eh ??
    Just had a call from the other half. Shes in Marbella with sister and ma for a few days r&r ….
    picked up the car at the airport, all seemed well until they got caught in a cloudburst half an hour from the apartment, turned on the wipers and theyd gone – i kid you not – supplied without blades !
    Driving wasnt possible so they rang the sos helpdesk, told it wasnt important enough to send someone out – buy and fit some blades maybe ? wait for the rain to stop ??
    Theyve got this pile of sh!t for 2 weeks – should be interesting if the rain stops and they get back to the airport rental office tomorra ….

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