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  • xiphon

    My 222 is now hung on the garage wall – after a full strip down and clean up. It won’t be ridden again.


    Me ’96 Orange C16-r, owned from new and The Forthcoming Restore Project.

    Can’t see myself ever getting rid of my Hemlock, at least till I kill it…

    Hemlock by Will Slater, on Flickr


    Wow, No eyes, that Giant is something else !

    2004 spesh enduro. Not ridden it in anger for an age but love it to bits.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I have only sold 1 bike. The rest died…


    Betty.. Purchased feb 03

    She’s still got it 😀 she’s the only inanimate object I’ve ever owned that’s had/got a name..

    Not really, I’ll probably not sell my first MTB as it’s not a classic an no one wants an entry level carrera XC bike from the 90’s.

    Pitch – fall out of love with it fairly regulalry, just too ‘gnarr’ for anything other than big rocky open hillsides, for wghich the chilterns arent renowned.
    Swift – swaped for an el mariachi, different- lightly, better – no
    Assorted hardtails – cheep, so easy come easy go when I fancy a change.

    TBH if someone raided my garrage I’d not be gutted. They’re tools that alow me to have fun and adventures, the bikes themselves are just tools.

    Fantasy garage at the moment:
    Commencal meta 29er
    El mariachi Ti (or a singular Ti, or any SS Ti 29er really)
    Something gnarrr and hardtail with big wheels, 45650b, fireline, or maybe in alu/carbon.

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    My 1990 Fisher Celerity.


    I’m rubbish at selling my bikes, but the real keeper is my Kobe Ti

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    My ’95 Cindercone.
    Spent 18 months touring on it around Australia and NZ. Rebuilt is as a SS and its just lovely to ride.
    Presently hung up in the loft awaiting wheel rebuilds.

    I can’t see me ever getting rid of the belt-drive Kona A either, too special.

    DSC_0283 by ir_bandito, on Flickr

    Love my Voodoo D-Jab, but a 29er replacment beckons, probably a Pipedream Skookum or Ti El Mariachi.


    I’m going to ride this until I break it (again… but properly so it really isn’t worth repairing).

    ’97 Lava Dome – not exactly original spec, but still a classic and there would be no point me ever selling it

    Premier Icon richmtb


    Very old picture: 2003 M4 Stumpjumper Comp.

    Its currently a commuter but will soon be returned to its former glory and used to climb mountains in Romania when I visit the inlaws, I’ll probably leave it there but I would never sell it.


    @ loughor – Thanks! 8)


    My ’95 Kilauea – it’s not worth anything to others but for me it’s been through all my early mtbing, trips to the US and France, several races and other events, touring, child seat bike, commuter and so on.

    It broke at the d/s dropout like most Konas of that era but it’s been rewelded and held together since. It’s been repainted twice, built up several different ways from play bike to SS to ‘road’ bike.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I’ll sell them all I’m sure.

    Used to have bikes I thought I’d never sell, but then got better ones and needed the space.


    My ’93 Kilauea and ’98 Hei Hei but then again if I did sell them I’d have nothing to ride at all.


    My ti Slackline is a keeper until i kill it. I’ve bought and sold a fair few hardtails over the years but this one fits me perfectly, has the right angles, the right ride quality, fits the dropper and the tapered steerer fork and is hopefully strong enough to take the abuse i throw at it.


    You’re doing it as a link.

    You need to do this:

    But instead of the < > brackets around img and /img, use the square ones [ and ]


    My jones spaceframe…that will have to be prised from my cold dead hands.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Wouldn’t get much for it these days, so I’ll keep it til it busts.


    My 2003 Spesh P2, absolutely love it. Only ever seen one other on here, belonged to treemagnet, I think. What are your BFF bikes?

    Gah, failed again


    Thnx Clubber, I have little tech ability !

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Bought in December 1998 and like many above has gone through a number of builds as fads/money/wants have changed.

    Juts thinking about retiring the frame now 🙁

    1999 Kona Caldera:

    Stock catalogue photo:

    Argos Cycles handy work:

    Circa 2007 😕

    700c Road build:

    Faux cross build:


    Faux half Fat:

    More period rebuild:

    Current build:

    The only original unfettled part is the seat clamp 🙂


    My kiddyback tandem. Just need to wait for grandchildren now! It will be a long wait.

    Premier Icon kcal

    Probably all of them! What is this selling business?

    I’ve sold one bike – my first MTB, a 1986? Rockhopper, after 2 or 3 years. It’s still going as far as I know. I eventually broke its replacement, 1989 Stumpjumper, black. Replacement for that was, and is, an M2 – still going strong and I doubt I’d sell it. Frame – original. as are cranks. everything else – not original!

    Likewise the Kilauea (c. 1989 or so – I really must find out, bought second or third hand) that’s converted to SS, love it. And the all-purpose Peregrine road/’cross bike.

    Will see if I can post / find pictures in a bit.

    Premier Icon kcal

    Kilauea in first build guise:

    river crossing on Beinn a’Ghlo loop

    M2 getting a bit wet in Skye

    Premier Icon Trekster
    94 Trek 8000

    96 Trek Y22

    `96 Bontrager Priv


    My Whyte 19 Ti

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    Can’t see me ever selling my original Ti Inbred…

    …but as they say – everything has a price!


    on one 853 SS limited edition from 06?

    just because it works for me and i’ve had more fun riding than any other bike Ive ridden

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I reckon I’ll have my Hemlock til it dies… Partly because I love it, partly because no bugger’d buy it. “For sale- very blunt battlescarred axe”

    IMAG0130 by Northwindlowlander, on Flickr

    And the bike I ride most, my first proper mountain bike, the mighty 90s Carrera Krakatoa. It’s never going offroad again, but we’re kind of attached. The hammerite on the frame is probably the single most expensive component 🙂

    IMAG0010 by Northwindlowlander, on Flickr


    Have to admit, I’m becoming less attached to bikes as I get older.

    Possibly my ’89 Rockhopper, but it still takes up room.

    Probably my Genesis IO as it features a suggestion or two I made.

    But realistically? Nah, I’d still sell it for the right money.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    My 07 Soul. It’s not worth the hassle of selling (not that I’m selling!) and if I ever retired it it would be stripped and hung on the wall.

    I think it might just be the longest I’ve ever kept a bike… 😳

    I still love it as much as when I got it.

    Eta: I wouldn’t have got rid of my ’95/96 Explosif either but it was nicked… 😥


    1999 Marin Attack Trail, had it since new. All the others are just tools for getting around a race track as quickly as possible, this is the only one with an emotional attachment. Still ridden a couple of times a year, annual Scotland trip and a couple of others. Sadly on it’s last legs, main pivot needs a rebuild after every ride. When I do get a new one (am looking for something else for the Mega next year, I think that would finish it off) the frame is going up on the garage wall.
    Did an 11hr race in the Alps on last year and it coped surprisingly well, best pic of it at the bottom.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    I’m pretty new to biking, 3 years ish, so don’t have anything really old but don’t think I’ll ever get rid of my Soul (it may get retired but not anytime soon). It replaced my first mtb 2 yars ago and i love it:

    Near Hope by SamDexter, on Flickr

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