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  • Any (male) horse riders? Clothing advice needed
  • jonba

    What underwear do you use?

    Normally ride in boxers under my Jodhpurs but when I do sessions (1hr) where we spend most of it in trot it is really uncomfortable. Any advice on more suitable clothing. I’ve got a holiday coming up where I’ll be doing longer rides of up to a day and was thinking about taking my biking lycra for more “support”.

    Anything small, snug and supportive – definitely not boxers, unless you enjoy colliding with the pommel… Heavyweight nylon jodhpurs are also much more comfortable (on the horse) than the modern stretchy polycotton ones, partly due to the extra impact protecion (and also much better for long days out in the hills in the wind and rain).


    Don’t see why you couldn’t wear lycra cycling shorts really? I don’t ride much any more but I used to wear them and didn’t suffer any long term injury 🙂

    b r

    According to my wife, you need to wear seamless type shorts.

    Premier Icon gbichan

    Check out Equetech riding underwear. I always wear briefs rather than boxers when riding. Sitting on gathered fabric isn’t too comfy! Personally, I find breeches comfier than jodhpurs too.


    Never used my cycling shorts to be honest and ride quite a bit. Decent set of riding breeches (sorry men should never wear jods) and some good old fashioned supporting briefs will work absolutely fine. If you want more comfort maybe think about a seat saver. Seen a few of these used by endurance riders.

    Premier Icon edd

    For exercising the horses I wear my normal, baggy, boxers under jeans.

    For racing I wear women’s tights. Racing breeches are very thin and the tights are the perfect combination of light weight and warm. They also have the advantage of stopping the silks showing through the breeches.


    I have a pair of lycra running shorts that I use with jeans, but have never felt the need to buy or wear breeches. I did get a bit of saddle soreness when I went to Colorado for a week’s trekking around Pike’s Peak, but a change to lycra sorted that out.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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