Words done, van packed. We’re outta here.

You can’t beat a good deadline rush even though it’s early this issue thanks to the efficiency of Sim and Ben at the helm. Finished words for the next issue yesterday, then in true male tradition started packing for our trip this morning. A random assortment of bike kit has been thrown in the travel […]

August 6th, 09 1,251 By:

Home Turf

Last week I was in Morzine on the Singletrack Readers’ Week holiday with FlowMTB. And it was fantastic. After a while off the bike due to one thing or another it totally re-ignited my riding. The trails were challenging and fun, the company was good and the food was simply off the scale. It was […]

August 6th, 09 1,030 By:

Issue 52: Update

AKA the Ben & Sim issue.. right then, words and pics are beginning to trickle in. I’ve tried to chase up some words from folks and hopefully by the end of this week we could have about 25% of the mag’s “raw materials” in for Sim to stitch together into prettiness. Many pre-thanks to ST […]

August 4th, 09 1,043 By:

Out Of Office

You may have been wondering why the front page of the site has been quiet this week. Well, we’ve all been in Morzine on the 2009 Singletrack Magazine Reader Holiday hosted by Flow MTB. A full report will be in the next issue but in the meantime here’s a little teaser for y’all.

July 31st, 09 990 By:

Local Rides for Local People

We’ve a simple rule in our house; If the sun’s shining we’re out riding. And so faced with the prospect of having to sort out the garden fence it was a pleasure to pull the house rule out of the bag for a “get out of DIY” card. The local loop is a goldilocks route. […]

July 25th, 09 1,168 By:

Off To Morzine To Meet 'n' Greet The Readers

We’re off to Morzine tomorrow for this year’s Reader Holiday (kindly hosted by Flow MTB). Myself and Matt are just back from a week’s hard riding in Norway. Marky The Mark is just back from a no-bikes-allowed holiday in the Med. Sim and femme fro-rider Charlotte are coming along too. Neither of them have ridden […]

July 23rd, 09 1,189 By:

Guest Editors / Temporary Promotion

As you may already know, Chipps is having a well-earned rest for few weeks (well, if you can call hauling yourself self-supported across the Pyrenees a “rest”). Which leaves myself and Sim kinda in charge of the next issue. Not sure whether the mag will look or feel any different with us two young(er) rapscallions […]

July 20th, 09 1,102 By:

No Busman's Holiday Thanks

Once a year I like to get away from it all. And by that I mean I like to have a week away from bikes! Now don;t get me wrong – I love bikes. I’d be in the wrong job if I didn’t, but to get to my desk every day I have to walk […]

July 13th, 09 1,226 By:

Robbing Peter, Paying Paul

We all know that getting the work/life balance right is important, but I seem to be having problems with my work/work balance at the moment too. I was meant to be attending the Silverfish/Lapierre/Extra Demo Day at Dalby this weekend, but young James Crazylegs has volunteered for the post leaving me free. Well, free to […]

July 8th, 09 1,314 By:

Making Hay

Even though I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday messing about on two wheels under scorching sunshine I still felt the urge to “play out” on Sunday afternoon…

June 1st, 09 2,127 By:

Comment on the comments

Is it me or are the people posting comments on our stories getting increasingly more negative and cynical?  SRAM launch their 10 speed groupset and within minutes of Dave posting his report from the launch itself the comments are ‘what’s the point?’, ‘it’s all just marketing bollocks.’, ‘It won’t work’. There’s even someone whining about […]

May 26th, 09 2,053 By:

Editorial Juice

Is it that time again? Again?

May 20th, 09 1,226 By:

Did You Enjoy Summer?

Well, I’m glad I made an effort to do a lot of riding during the decent weather we had through April. But… CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A SUMMER THIS YEAR FOR GOD’S SAKE??? That is all.

May 18th, 09 1,101 By:

Benji's Bandito – Minty Fresh

(£449 RRP from Raleigh) This year’s mantra for me is to learn how to jump properly on proper jumps. It’s a funny old game. You pretty much have to unlearn a lot of the way you normally ride a mountain bike. It’s been very hard to stop “soaking up” the jumps and to actually stiffen […]

April 22nd, 09 3,501 By:

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