Best Online Service – Singletrack Reader Awards 2017

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xNo matter how committed you are to using your local bike shop, the chances are you’ve used an online service of some sort this year. Interestingly, this year’s nominations look beyond the ‘buying stuff’ to other sort of ‘online services’. Here’s who has made it through to the finals:

Keeper of The Peak: @KoftheP


Such a simple idea: a Twitter feed to update riders on trail conditions in the Peak District. The aim was to minimise the damage that riders would have on fragile areas in the Peak District. This continues, but Chris Maloney, the person behind it, has also become involved in campaigning for better access and encouraging other riders to do the same.

Ordnance Survey

It’s not all big sheets of paper any more

In recent years this national mapping service has moved on from those big sheets of paper that are fun to pore over in the comfort of your living room, but less entertaining on a windy hillside. These days, if you buy a paper map, you automatically get access to a digital download of it. For £19.99 a year you can access OS Landranger and Explorer Maps for the whole country through an app on your phone or desktop. OK, it’s not free, but if you’ve ever tried to find a similar map for a holiday abroad, you’ll really appreciate the level of detail that’s accessible to us UK riders. Whether it’s planning a new route in an unfamiliar area, or plotting an escape when a ride has gone wrong, we still need maps.

Sixth Element Wheels

Sixth Element Wheels
Sixth Element Wheels

Back in the more traditional sphere of ‘buying stuff online’ is Sixth Element Wheels. We received a number of nominations for the product in the ‘Best Hardware’ Award, but these nominations also unfailingly mentioned the quality of service provided by Graham and his team. Questions answered, products delivered on time (and often ready earlier than expected), and after sales help – it’s all adding up to plenty of happy customers.

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