Specialized Command Post Given the Power of Wu

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The Specialized Wu Post

So according to Specialized the word ‘Wu’ is a noun that is used to describe the tilt of your seatpost. For example..

I say old chap, the nose of your saddle is tipped back at some considerable angle beyond the natural horizontal.”

..is more commonly translated on the trail as..

Yo bro, you are rockin some serious wu on that saddle, dude.   Yeah!” #doyouevenwubro

It’s all about the position of your hips when you sit down on a dropped post. Your hips rotate backwards and so a raised saddle nose in the low position is more comfortable. So the Specialized Wu post assumes that position when it’s dropped.

The actual saddle drop on the post is just 115mm but due to the rear of the saddle tilting backwards the effective drop is 150mm. It’s all rather clever, but we’ll admit when we first saw it earlier this year we were a little baffled as to why you would go to all that trouble to design in some albeit clever but complicated levers to tip the saddle back when it’s down. Is it really that big of a deal? Do we really need a more complicated dropper post? It’s not like the current crop of dropper posts on the market have a reputation for reliability to start with.

But then we actually tried one and, well. Yeah, it makes much more sense when you do. It was surprisingly more comfortable.

As for prices, well it does more than just go up and down so there’s a price to pay for that of course. They will come fitted to some Enduro models later this year but if you want one for your bike we are told the full price will be £400 when they eventually come to market on their own.


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