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Here’s the next in our regular series of closer looks at the beers we’ve received as part of our Honest Brew subscription… This week, we have a ‘Taster Pack’, currently available as a special half price offer to Singletrack readers of £9, including delivery.

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Hickey the Rake

Wylam Brewery – Hickey the Rake – Limonata Pale Ale
An Ultra Pale which emulates almost baneful levels of citrus zing. A nuclear sherbet dib-dab of lemon, lime and tropical pineapple. Hannah has had this one before, it is one of her favourite beers on the planet.

Beer Honest Brew
Vermont Tea Party

Siren Brewery – Vermont Tea Party – Earl Grey Pale

Adapted from Siren’s ‘Love of Work’ a particularly special beer brewed alongside Vermont’s Hill Farmstead, Vermont Tea Party offers even cleaner bergamot, citrus and grassy hop notes with Chinook, Citra, Equinox and Amarillo hops all in the mix. A celebration of yeast, Earl Grey tea and passionate collaborative brewing.

Beer Honest Brew
Mocha Porter

Northern Monk Brewery – Northern Star – Mocha Porter
Coffee flavours in dark beer are always a glittering combination. Northern Star Mocha Porter takes this to another level, as Northern Monk blend in ground coffee beans to the brew, full of bitterness and hazelnut hints, along with rich dark chocolate and milk sugar to balance this full bodied dark ale. A collaboration with Leeds’ North Star Coffee Micro Coffee Roasters, Northern Star will guide you to a new taste experience.

Beer Honest Brew

Eight Degrees Brewery – Sunburnt – Amber Ale
This beer has a red tint and a chilled out, mellow feel. Sunburnt Irish Red takes the characteristic sweet caramel flavours of an Irish red ale and adds additional malt complexity. The malt body is counterbalanced with American and New Zealand hops, adding a modern twist to the traditional style. But beware: keep out of direct sunlight.

Beer Honest Brew
Neck Oil

Beavertown – Neck Oil – Session IPA
Picture sucking a few of these down in front of the barbecue in a park on a sun-shiny day – that’s this beer’s raison d’etre. Light, crisp and refreshing with punchy notes of citrus peel and light pine, Neck Oil is nicely balanced with slightly sweet biscuity malt throughout, finishing with a medium grapefruit bitterness. And at 4.3%, this is surely one you can sit on all day.

Beer Honest Brew
Wild Goose Chase

Wild Beer Co – Wild Goose Chase – Saison
Wild and pumped full of gooseberry and crisp hop flavour, this is a great fruity farmhouse saison.

Glass and snacks too. Sorted.

If you want to find out more about Honest Brew, and how they can deliver a box of delicious to your door every week, click here: honestbrew.co.uk/about/

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