Preview: New Tools, Bottles and Saddles from Fabric

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Chipps will be checking these things out a bit more at Press Camp this week, but as well as racing (and winning the Women’s Sport 4!) at Mountain Mayhem this past weekend, our correspondent Beate Kubitz got a closer look at some new things from Fabric. All of the items below will be arriving August 2016.


Sixteen tool, £21.99:

Fabric Sixteen Tool
Aluminium side pieces keep the weight down.
Fabric Sixteen Tool
Fabric Sixteen includes a chain breaker.

Beate: “Nifty, comprehensive tool with chain tool included. Super tactile and quite satisfying in the palm, which comes in a can’t go wrong weight. Nice sensible price all rounder”. One of four tools Charge will be offering in the UK, with some going right down to roadie/weight weenie offerings, this was the most MTB specific.

Chamber Multitool, £34.99:
Fabric Chamber Multitool
Here’s a tantalising first shot of their new Chamber multi-tool too; a ratcheting, reversible tool that contains a variety of bits covering all the hex, torx, phillips, and slot head bit sizes you’re likely to need on the trail.

CO2 Lever Kit, £19.99:

Fabric CO2 Lever kit
The Fabric CO2 Lever kit has a handy rubber mount to tie it to your seatpost.

Beate: “The CO2 Lever kit has a rubber pack that fastens to your seatpost. I know that it’s sad that I like this, but it appeals to my inner (not that inner really) racer.”


Following the launch of cageless bottles last year, the range is expanding, starting with this 750ml bottle, for £11.99:

Fabric 750ml bottle
Shown next to it’s 500ml cousin.

Also brand new is this insulated 600ml bottle, for £15.99:Fabric 600ml insulated bottle

They’re also launching a cageless tool keg for £12.99. Each item in the range comes with a pair of mounting studs, so no need to buy them separately.


The saddle range has some new additions too. Firstly, the women-specific Scoop Gel will be available for £44.99:

Fabric Scoop Gel
This is a cutaway view that shows where the gel inserts are. The saddle itself has a smooth cover just like the rest of the Scoop range.

It’s comfort focussed saddle in a 155mm width, with a shorter nose and added gel inserts. This is positioned as an entry level women-specific saddle, with more on the way in other specifications and widths. Don’t be put off by the gender specificity; if you’re a man with wide sit bones, it’s in gender-neutral colours for those sweet delicate sillyheads who worry about being seen with non-masculine hues.

Side view, Fabric Scoop Gel

The Line saddle also now comes in 142mm width as well as the 134mm size it launched with. A seat for every pelvis!

Charge also had some bike lights on show, apparently made by a diving lights manufacturer, and a full range of new pumps, from micro to track. Expect more from Chipps later this week, and for now, you can also see a few more sneaky product photos on the Fabric Instagram.

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  1. as I said last time you published the fabric stuff, the chamber tool is missing a huge, blindingly obvious, feature: a hex driver opening in the vertical axis so you can use the tool like a screwdriver for the low torque/high speed stuff. Why wouldnt you?

  2. Good news on the larger bottle, well impressed with my 500ml one

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