Column: The Rites of Spring

April 19, 2016

By Roly Lambert

The clocks have gone forward now and that means lighter evenings and Roly is basking in the extra sunshine on the clock and getting all poetic.

It’s not just an hour. It’s a green light, a starting pistol, a great big waving flag with GO embroidered on it.

All the brave face, the ‘no, this is beneficial’ can cease. No more smiling through the gunk. Look out the door, which was already open because it was sunny briefly today, and what do you see? The garden because it’s now still gloriously light!


Rain? Let it, but you can see.

Quick change around after work? Oh yes, I might even lay my stuff out ready.

Dates on race calendars now seem achievable, and actually creep closer. You are ready aren’t you?

Don’t fret if you’ve become a little ‘relaxed’ over the winter.

It’s still light! I can walk to the shed after I’ve washed up, upright like I’m properly evolved, not ducking under unseen spiderwebs.

Megawatt lights so the path looks like daytime? Put ‘em back in the box. You’ll need nothing but your various handlebar accoutrements. And the ability to look into the middle distance and say ‘Oh I best be off home now. Haven’t got my lights (and don’t really fancy doing that extra needless climb) but thanks for the offer.’

Clocks go forward, arms come out. There’s enough next to the skin technology to keep you warm. And soon, soon, soon it’ll be time for a glove tan mark. Hot hot head, sweaty helmet, slight wobbles on long days, bit more sweat, and maybe just the one pair of socks in your lowcut superstiff shoes. But that’ll come. Now it’s just light and not overly warm. But still warmer than this time last month. And lighter.

Blue sky

Only the most committed biologist looks at winter pics and remarks on how well the Araucariaceae and Podocarpaceae have really come on. Other people would see that the pose of the rider is not just down to the traction hunt. Winter tights? Lovely until you stack it and hole them. Then they’re really good winter tights with a hole in. Get stitching all you like, they’ll never be as good.

(Obviously this entire piece is guff if you live in the Southern hemisphere. If you’re lucky enough to do so please do tell us how warm it is where you are.)

It’s still light. I may be easily pleased, but I do like that. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m just popping out.

Forest Adele Mitchell

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