Video: Jeff Jones Talks Plus Bikes

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Jeff Jones is now building Plus Bikes, and in this video talks about the way he’s designed them, the riding position they’re meant for, and the capabilities it gives them.

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Jeff Jones on Plus Bikes

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  1. This really reminds me of the stuff Geoff Apps was creating ( 70’s) and still is doing. Really interesting

  2. Doesn’t this just feel ‘right’? I can see myself keeping hold of my 2007 Orange 5 – steep, short, light, fantastic – and justifying one of these as something genuinely different, necessary – no, critical! That’s my n+1 bike sorted, thanks Jeff!

  3. Summary

    That bike I sold you for $9000. Turns out I got the design wrong.

    But should you have another $9000 lieing around….

  4. Summary

    I’m always looking to make the best bike I can.
    All my bikes are well worth a test ride (with an open mind).

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