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jamesvincentWhen we commission photographers to produce the images to use in our magazine features we typically expect to receive anything up to 50 images from them. This large selection then gets filtered down to a final collection of maybe 12 or so to be laid out in the feature alongside the text. This is a process done in house and away from the eyes of the person behind the lens. The selection criteria is guided by the text, which may or may not be also produced by the photographer, and often the physical constraints of the design and the number of pages assigned to the feature. The end result is often a situation where the photographer will be convinced we’ve laid out the wrong images at the wrong size – it is the lot of the humble freelancer that their art is often ignored and those dreadful people driving the desks never pick the best images.

Well, we thought we’d put that injustice right by allowing the photographers themselves to pick out their top 20 images from each published feature and tell us a bit about each image to boot. Here, in the inaugural episode of our new ‘Behind The Lens‘ series we asked James Vincent to pick the correct 20 images from our Electric Adventure eBike article from Singletrack Issue 98.

james vincent electric adventure singletrack magazine
Recently, James found himself in a bit of a rut

About The Photographer

James has been riding bikes all his life, getting his first mountain bike way back in 1994 (a Dawes Off Limits in case you were wondering), and can now be found carrying his bike around the Lake District Fells. He currently rides a Kona Process 153, which has got him into, and then out of trouble, more times than he would care to imagine. Living in Carlisle, James splits his riding between the Lakes and the Borders, with occasional jaunts further afield. He has written for Singletrack & MBR Magazines, and his photos have appeared in Privateer, MBUK, Singletrack, MBR, Cycling Weekly and Cycling Active Magazines.

Behind The Lens, With James Vincent

E-bikes have been a pretty controversial topic this last year – opinions veer from superstition to outright hatred, with questions being asked about whether or not they’re appropriate in the wild and rugged outdoors. Therefore, the brief from the editorial team was a fun one – images of the glaring incongruity of e-bikes in a completely wild location with no man made objects in sight… No pub just round the corner for a quick recharge if the batteries die, and no easy escape route back to the safety of the car. To make matters worse, it was my first ever shoot for the magazine, so I was equal parts nervous and excited!


electric adventure james vincent singletrack magazine issue 98
1/50 sec, f/13, ISO100, 22mm

Pulling the bikes out of the van, there was a bit of debate as to who was going to ride which bike. Mark was adamant that he was riding the fat bike, which left Chipps and Jenn to discuss the finer points of the controls of the others. Possibly the first time I’ve seen a bike need a full on walk through before we get going.

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