Just in time for winter: DIY Bamboo!

November 4, 2015

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MTB (26in?), 27.5, and 29er kits available.
MTB (26in?), 27.5, and 29er kits available.

Lest your hands become the devil’s playthings, Bamboo Bicycle Club has a project to keep them occupied for the coming dark and damp months.  That’s right: it’s time to pour yourself a glass of bamboo beer, unspool the hemp, uncork the industrial adhesives (*SNIFF* 2015 was a GOOD YEAR), and build yourself a bicycle!

Measure twice...
Measure twice…

Running £289 (inc. UK & EU shipping) for any of the three mountain disc kits, the Bamboo Bicycle Club package includes schematics, bamboo frame “tubing,” stainless dropouts, a threaded bottom bracket, CrMo seat tube, and enough glue and string to pull it all together.  I’ll say that again: glue and string. Builders will need to provide their own MDF board to lay the frame out on, tools (saws, files, knives, etc), and consumables (rubber gloves, brushes, tape, additional alcohol, and snacks).  On second thought, it might be best to save the drinking for last.

Steve made this.
Steve made this.

Road, track, BMX, hybrid, and even tandem kits are also available.  With some patience and a bit of luck, you’ll emerge come spring with all of your fingers, most of your brain cells (but boy, that adhesive can be moreish), and a bicycle that is sure to be the topic of much trailhead discussion.

Would Sir prefer a fatbike?
Would Sir prefer a fatbike? With slicks?
The possibilities are endless.
The possibilities are endless.

Need more inspiration?  The Hall of Frames (bonus points for wordplay) has plenty.  Ready to get started?  Bamboobicycleclub.org is the place to go.

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