Interbike 2015: Chain and buttock lube made from wool

September 20, 2015

From New Zealand with love

For wet and dry conditions. Sort of like wool.
For wet and dry conditions.
Sort of like wool.

Here’s an interesting one:  a line of bicycle and body care products centred around… lanolin.  That’s right- the oily stuff that keeps wool from going stinky can apparently be harnessed to keep bearings rolling smoothly, chains from getting squeaky, and backsides from chafing.  A couple of very pleasant New Zealanders from Biomaxa was on hand at Interbike looking to secure US distribution for their company’s bio-grease, biolubricant, and chamois creams.

The lanolin-based chain lube is formulated without petrochemicals so as not to leave anything unnatural on trails or in streams crossed.  The wool-derived lubricant is carried on plant oils and is said to be good for both wet an dry conditions and the patented bottle has a built-in chain guide to minimise waste.

Made with lanolin and honey!
Made with lanolin and honey!

For a slightly different application, Biomaxa’s all-natural chamois creams use lanolin, honey from bees that feed on the manuka blossom, and oil from the manuka tree itself to create a soothing, lubricating cream with antibacterial properties that help to prevent infection.  It’s initially odd to think of a lube company making personal care products… until it makes perfect sense.

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