E-bike… Worlds?!

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Wait – there’s an e-bike World Championships now? Yes. Yes, there is.

2015 BionX E-Bike WM 02
We note the winner is not even attempting to lift the bike above his head.

First run by eBike Dolomiti in 2014, this year’s race was held in the Dolomites, Italy on June 13/14th. The race was split over two days on an 18km course with 1,500m of height gain – tough courses, at altitude, presumably to maximise the suffering.

Only riders of pedelec bikes with a maximum assist speed of 25km/h and 250W motors were eligible to enter, and the title went to Yves Ketterer (Team bikesportworld/klk-Raceteam), who also won the e-bike marathon at Tegernsee’s MTB Festival earlier in June. Of his new world title, he said:

It is just as hard to ride an e-bike contest as a pure MTB event. On the flat sections we ride these bikes exceeding the limit of 25 km/h where the motor is no longer allowed to assist. So we have to push the approx. 20kg e-bikes permanently with pure muscle power. The routes also provide steep climbs that you would barely accomplish with normal MTBs – that ís where we and the bikes are riding close to the limit.”

So – the World Champ agrees with our assessment that electric assist bikes are still just as hard to ride as regular bikes. Phew, that’s a relief. But should e-bikes really have their own World Champs, or indeed have any place in racing at all? We’re sure you have an opinion…

2015 BionX E-Bike WM 01
Contrary to popular belief, you do still need to pedal *and* steer the thing…

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    The guy on the left looks like he stole his bike.

    We’re sure you have an opinion…

    Er. Um… erm.. well… Nope.

    wtf? Surely e-bikes are about giving folk who might struggle with a regular mtb access to same hills/ trails as everyone else. Now we have fit xc racers competing on them. Is this April 1st again?

    Where e-bikes are concerned, it’s always April 1st 😉

    My mate was at Snetterton the other week watching perfectly fit and able blokes race bikes that were *completely* powered by petrol engines and required no pedalling at all. 😮

    I keep getting overtaken by them on my commute .
    Tempting as a commuter , especially when there are no showers .
    The future is coming – west world stylee

    Looking for the next big thing…

    Riderless 39er E-bikes coming to a trail near you…..

    My wife loves mountain biking but always struggles to keep pace with me up the hills
    I bought her a quality electric hard tail, cube Xt equipped etc
    It’s a game changer for her, she can now keep up with me and really enjoys riding now
    She is 54 and I’m 55

    I’m sure there’s a place for e bikes but as I’m trying to regain fitness after cancer treatment I don’t think I want one yet!

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