Strava! We Have A Problem

April 13, 2015

This morning Mark rode in to the office on this enormobike.

haibike ebike electric

It’s a Haibike Fat Six and in addition to being one of those attention seeking fat bikes it’s also an eBike powered by a Bosch motor. In line with UK legislation it only provides power up to 16mph. After that you are on your own as the motor does not provide any power to the wheels. There are four power settings – eco, tour, sport and turbo. depending on which you choose the range is decreased or increased. In Eco mode the dashboard display gives a fully charged estimate of 42 miles of range and in Turbo mode that drops to around 10.

Anyway, more on the details of the bike later. What’s very interesting is the fact that this morning Mark decided to Strava his commute and this is video explains what happened.

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