Issue 97 is on its way

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It’s press week at Singletrack Towers!

The latest issue of the mag will be arriving on newsstands across the country in a couple of weeks time – the official on sale date is 30th April, but subscribers get their copies first. If you’re not signed up, go here and subscribe (if you want your sub to start with this issue, then you need to have subscribed by midnight on Sunday 19th April).



Issue 97’s cover shot is by Christoph Laue, on the border between Austria and Germany. It’s making us excited for our summer hols, and that hot pine/dust/suncream smell…


We’ll bring you the full rundown of the contents early next week, but in the meantime here’s a pictorial taster to whet your appetite – there are some pretty awesome images this issue, we hope you’ll agree…


Comments (6)

    Same quality & smell as the last one? 🙂

    When is the Banshee Phantom going to appear in the mag reviews? It seems like ages since you got it in………

    ooh, my first issue as a subscriber! i’m a bit excited. sad, isn’t it?!

    Not quite sure where to leave a heap of positive vibes and praise for Issue 96, my first paper issue.

    Oh my. Superb quality photos that digital media just cannot do justice and love the new paper look feel and smell.

    Your Christmas columns freebie grabbed my interest and really embodied what is good about biking and couldn’t help but subscribe.

    Keep up the good work and don’t go the route of other mags that simply act as free marketing to champion the new standard (e bikes? ). Cannot wait for the next instalment.

    Where is the © on the cover?

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