UPDATED: Fat Chance Cycles reaches its $116,000 Kickstarter goal.

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At Interbike in September, there were sightings of Chris Chance, one of the early pioneers of mountain biking (especially on the east coast of America) and stories that he was going back into frame manufacturing after a 15 year absence from the industry.

The news was very well received by Fat Chance Cycles fans around the world and they’ve been waiting to see what the news would be. Chris has just announced that he will be making a starting run of bikes, funded through pre-orders on Kickstarter. He’s offering 27.5 and 29in frames built in steel, like the classic Yo Eddy! only with modern appointments like a dropper-compatible seat tube, tapered head tube and 142mm dropouts.

The website at fatchancebicycles.com details Chris’ ambitions for the brand – and he certainly seems to have the attention of many die-hard fans.

The Kickstarter page has now got over $117,000 pledged of its $116,000 goal. Frames start at $2,500, with T-shirt deals starting at $50.


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Chipps wasn’t around for the dawn of mountain biking in the UK, but he likes to claim that he arrived in time for second breakfast (about the time he shows up for work, then…) starting in the bike trade in 1990 and becoming a full time mountain bike journalist at the start of 1994. Over the subsequent quarter century, he has seen mountain bike culture flourish and diversify and bike technology go from rigid steel frames to fully suspended carbon fibre (and sometimes back to rigid steel as well.)

His riding style is best described as ‘medium, wheels on the ground, trail riding’ though he’s been spotted doing everything from endurance downhill racing to 24 hour cross country racing. He favours mid-travel trail bikes and claims to be wheel-size, gear, brake and tyre agnostic. In fact, his garage spans most bicycle flavours, taking in steel hardtails, carbon trail bikes, even a mountain bike tandem, along with road, touring and gravel/cyclocross bikes.

While he’s happy to chat about bikes all day, his real interest is in the people and places that bikes can introduce you to and he talks as fondly about the trails he’s ridden and riders he’s met as the bikes that took him there.

Comments (14)

    Ridiculous pricing? Not by today’s standards of pricing for bike stuff.

    I’m with GHill – $2.5k is a big ask for the guaranteed sale of a product that hasn’t been built yet. I’m not sure what full custom steel hardtails are going for, but am thinking that it’s generally under $2k.

    I also think they could have gone a little further down the line before asking people to commit.
    I don’t know what the geometry is, paint finish, suspension travel it’s built around, etc, etc

    Price is what I expected though tbh.

    Perfect for extracting cash from 40 somethings who remember the originals.

    $2k for a frame?
    Just buy a 45650B frame, have it custom spray-painted and spend the remaining £1500 on an ace holiday!

    Its nice to see Fat Chance back and I’d like one of the frames but mostly from nostalgia…I’m not nostalgic enough about the brand to blew $2500 though, particularly when there’s no real details regarding geometry etc

    I’ve wanted a Yo Eddy for the last 20 years, but that’s too rich for my blood, unfortunately. £1700 is a lot of money, even for the history.

    And an invitation to the launch party thing is great, but I’d rather have the cost for just a frame and no bells & whistles. $2000 would be (slightly) more palatable and realistic.

    Fat chance of him taking my $2.5k…. no thanks

    if only pace did a kickstarter for an updated RC100… still love those square tubes

    Its a bit rich for me too but 2.5k is about in line with what I remember Yo Eddy’s costing in the early 90’s.

    And, appropriately enough, i have an ad between the article and the comments offering me a Tripster frame for 1500 quid.

    WHOOA. Sorry, why is the pricing so high? Seriously.

    Perfect for extracting cash from 40 somethings who remember the originals.

    Beat me to it!

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