Yeah VERMONT! Untapped maple syrup energy gel

July 16, 2014

How is this not an amazing idea?

Pancakes optional
Pancakes optional

As difficult as it can be to summon enthusiasm for yet another energy food, as a one-time Vermonter it’s hard for your American correspondent not to get fired up about this:  Maple syrup.  For bike riding.

Backed by pro road racer Ted King, Slopeside Syrup’s Untapped is pure, organic Vermont maple syrup that comes in the sort of packets that usually contains chemcial-y goo.  Aside from being really, really tasty, maple syrup contains potassium, iron, calcium, and zinc as well as recovery-facilitating antioxidants.  Who knew?

Team Slopeside at the sugar house

Nutrition claims aside, we imagine that we’d be much more willing to down one of these in our hour of need than many of the alternatives.  Unfortunately, this is another crowdfunding campaign (“The substantial production minimums required to fill portable gel-packs with sterile maple syrup are remarkably costly.”) and product is not scheduled to ship until October.

Pricing runs from $25/10 (£1.46 each) to $190 for 100 (£1.11 apiece) and higher levels do include premiums (spend $950 and a gallon of maple syrup is tossed in alongside other schwag).  If nothing else, Untapped packets will make a great impulse buy or (ahem) gift for the folks back home on your next trip to the Green Mountain State.

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