PressCamp2014: Fabric Components

July 3, 2014

One of the few Brits in residence at PressCamp this year was Nick Larsen – best known for being the man behind Charge Bikes. (Nick was also the marketing brain behind the Pashley TV campaign from years ago). Well, Charge Bikes is still doing well, but Nick has also launched Fabric Components as a technology-led component company with very top shelf aspirations. In seeking out the latest technology for Charge’s titanium bikes, Nick forged an alliance with Airbus and took some of its research into combining carbon and titanium and developed it for saddle manufacture.

The result was a saddle with 3D printed titanium rails and a carbon shell that was ultrasonically combined with the tiny pins on the saddle rails. A hugely trick saddle, but unfortunately hugely expensive too (think £700 or so…) However, Nick and his engineers discovered that the same shape was as strong, and lighter and cheaper, in carbon, so a full carbon saddle was developed, coming in at way under the hallowed 200g mark and a ‘mere’ £199.

Super light and very sculptural… The new ALM Carbon – complete with Airbus logo.
There’s a thin layer of leather glued on the top for comfort and grip.
Meanwhile, there are some super-clean looking ‘normal’ saddles too, like this Ultimate Scoop.

Fabric will also be doing saddles in three different curves to match whether you’re a flat-back racer, a regular mountain biker, or a ride-to-work vicar.

There’s a whole range of Fabric saddles coming out.
There’s also this Line saddle, complete with comfort groove.

And showing a fair amount of out-of-the-box thinking, Fabric went to a shoe factory, rather than one of the (mere) three saddle factories to make its comfort saddle. The result is the Cell, which takes saddle design in an interesting direction, using air instead of gel to support the rider.

Fabric going for the soft cell.

For more on Fabric. Have a look over here:

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