Air-filled tubes inside tyres! Schwalbe’s Procore

July 2, 2014

Traction, meet protection…

Two stems for two chambres
Two stems for two chambres

Okay, so they’ve been teasing this for quite some time, but Syntace has been back in touch with more details about their forthcoming dual-chamber tyre system.  Dubbed Procore (not First Ride), the system locates a 55-85psi “core” within a standard tubeless-ready tyre.  Think tubular rather than inner tube: the core doesn’t stretch to fill the tyre- it simply sits inside, against the rim

At the heart of the system. Actually, it is the system.
At the heart of the system… is the system.

Looking to measure a little over an inch in diameter, the core serves several functions: as protection for the rim, as protection for the tyre (against snakebites), as a lock for the tyre bead, and as an emergency backup should the outer tyre puncture.  The result is that the tyre proper can be run as low as 14psi for silly levels of traction and suspension.

One for retention,  one for traction.
One for retention, one for traction.

Developed in conjunction with Syntace, the Procore system will work in any tubeless-ready wheel measuring wider than 23mm inside (and to which its owner is willing to take a drill).  All three wheel sizes will be offered (26in ain’t dead!) and the system is expected to add about 200g per wheel- though Syntace note that the ability to run lighter tyres will offset some of the gain.  Procore has already seen top-level downhill and enduro victories under Emmeline Ragot and Nico Lau.  More at Eurobike…

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