Marcel Hahn’s amazing singlespeed cogs

April 7, 2014

Is it time for Ti-dye to make a comeback?

Ooh, that's lovely
Like a lovely bikeflower

Made in Germany of 6/4 titanium, some said Marcel Hahn’s Singlestar cogs were dead sexy to begin with.  With the (claimed) ability to “turn a common or garden bicycle wheel into a top quality and also very light single-speed bicycle wheel in next-to-no time,” the broad-based cogs are reversible and said to be very long-wearing.  Given tooth profiles developed in partnership with Bernd Rolhoff and sizes ranging from 15-24t, what more could one ask for?

Starburst stylee
Starburst stylee

How about a touch of colour?  These photos show the two sides of a single 21t cog, shining “like the lettering on the ring from Lord of the Rings.”  Based on our Google-assisted translation from the German, the Ti-dye is a no-cost option for any new cog order.  Lest existing customers miss out, Hahn will even take back, clean, and dye customers’ used cogs.

But, beauty doesn’t come cheap: Singlestar cogs run €149 (£123) apiece.

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