Where Foxys are born; Mondraker factory tour

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Born in 2001 in southern Spain, Mondraker are now represented in over 36 countries worldwide. They take a high-tech approach to bike design, and have an industry reputation for innovation and development. Sponsoring riders the world over, they work closely with their team to continually test and develop their product line.

Tech development aside though, having a company name derived from a Spiderman character, exemplifies the light-hearted side of the company ethos. Committed and passionate about what they do, they’re a super friendly bunch, with no time for big corporation shenanigans.

During their recent press launch of the unveiling of their new 2015 Foxy Carbon range, we got to have a good old nose around their development and production facility in Alicante.

Here’s a look/see into the place where the little beauties are made.

2014-04-01 mondraker press camp-233
Going in…
2014-04-01 mondraker press camp-259
Welcome from Mondraker CEO Miguel Pina

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Conscientous warranty dept


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