Nicolai Fat Pinion

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Ticking nearly all the niche boxes at once, this prototype Nicolai fat bike is sure to cause a bit of a stir. The German engineers have combined the 18-speed Pinion bottom bracket gearbox technology with a fat bike frame and 120mm Carver suspension fork. Nicolai claims this is the world’s first gearbox fat bike.

Pinion’s gearbox bolts on to a suitably built frame, giving 18 gears.

Last weekend, Nicolai team rider, Frank Schneider aka ‘Schneidi’ met filmmaker Jan Zander to shred the Harz mountains. Is he riding the FAT Bike future? That’s what Nicolai is wondering.

We can only assume the bottle is full of rocket fuel
Blue matching grips compulsory
120mm upside down fork for snow bumps

The prototype of the Argon FAT is equipped with Pinion Gearbox, Gates Carbon Drive system and Carver Trans Fat fork. Enough of this, on with the video!

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