Editors’ Choice 2013: Jenn.

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jennbw-22013 was the year in which I attempted to figure out what the phrase ‘work/life balance’ actually means. Needless to say, like most folk who’ve taken on the same task, I failed miserably… I still got to ride bikes a fair bit though.

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Favourite photo: Above Glenridding, Cumbria.

Jenn's fav photo

One of the best bits about my job is developing relationships with up and coming writers and photographers. Chris Davies started working with Singletrack this year and has already proved that he can come up with the goods, even in terrible conditions. This shot is from issue 85’s bike test photoshoot in the Lakes – we worked very hard with three accommodating riders to fulfil a shot list drawn up from the warmth and comfort of the art ed’s desk. Though we all finished the day soaked, cold and tired, we still had a ball – which is what makes days like that worthwhile.

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    That Highball looks fun. I’m always stuck between their m/l though. If the m had ett of the large it would be perfect!

    Clink: Yes, mine’s on the short side. For hooning around the woods though it’s absolutely spot on 🙂

    Running the Highball as a single speed or a very complicated internal gear fangled thing?

    smartay: Singlespeed. The gears are on the Solaris – and when (if) someone invents an internal gear system which is minimal enough to be invisible on a Highball, I will be having it!

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