Monday Morning Debrief 51

December 30, 2013

Weather grim? Motivation low? You can always dream plan…

We’re getting close to that resolution time of year so it seems only right to come up with some ideas for the year ahead.

All hail the roadtrip.


Vans are good. They’re especially good as a means to getting and staying in the mountains. Summer will see the usual ‘quality time’ before Eurobike, riding in the sun and getting high before a week of trudging zeppelin halls. Destination yet to be finalised.

We also need to get back to Scotland, probably Wales and squeeze in some wild camping near a beach too.

Speaking of mountains

Peak performance
Peak performance

I’ve got unfinished business in the Dolomites. I like the wildness of the place and really, really, need to do some hut to hut riding. There’s a simple pleasure in a bit of hike a bike and high level, remote riding finished off with good food and maybe a drink or two.

Uplift is good also

mmmm uplift
mmmm uplift

This year saw the welcome return of uplift into my life. I’ve not done much in recent years, so a chance to concentrate on the downs and forget about the climbs was happily accepted in Garda and Finale. I reckon a bit more could be squeezed in this coming year too. It’s all good right?

More local

local is good
local is good

Other riding is good but nothing beats your local trails. I’ve neglected ours a little this year, so as soon as the wrist is healed it’s time for a bit of reacquaintance. And probably a bit of trail maintenance too.


River running
River running

There was an invite this year but I ran out of time. Slovenia has some awesome riding hidden away and after three trips there I still want back for more. Is it the green hills/turquoise river/limestone mix? Or just the incredibly techy long descents?

BikePark Wales

It's all downhill
It’s all downhill

Relegated to being an on-foot photographer on a recent mag trip down there to see some new Treks, I’ve seen the set up and want bit of the action. And maybe a bit of south west riding while I’m down there.

I reckon that should keep me busy, what do you plan to do in 2014?

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