Caminade starts shipping sweet steel suspension!

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Straight outta Perpignan

Slender and bendy
Slender and bendy

Good news from across the Channel and over the Pyrénées this morning as Caminade announces the availability of their unique range of French-built full-suspension, hardtail, and road bikes.  While the flowing top tube, low-slung suspension, and handsome colours catch the eye, lovers of all things ferrous will know what makes these imports truly unique:  Reynolds and Columbus steel construction.

26 or 27.5?
26 or 27.5?

The lovely One4All shown here is designed as an all-day trail or Enduro bike. The same frame can be configured to run either 26in (155mm travel with a 160-170mm fork) or 27.5in wheels (135mm travel, 140-150mm fork), allowing riders to reconfigure or upgrade to suit their preferences.  Manufactured entirely in France, the steel frame features an electrodeposited frame treatment to prevent corrosion and as such is guaranteed for life, regardless of owner.  The 44mm Reynolds head tube can be made to work with most any fork on the market, not to mention angle-tweaking headsets. The rear end uses a rarely-seen (and quite tidy) hex-head Syntace X12 thru axle nestled in cowled dropouts.

More pictures?  Oh, alright.

Very engineering-y
Very engineering-y

Granted, the rear shock lies in the path of flying mud and stones and reaching for the lockout lever could be a bit perilous, but somehow looking at the photos all is forgiven.  The automotive paint is available in four stock colours (orange, blue, black, and white) with custom options also available at additional cost.  Pricing starts at 2,200€/£1,835/$2,950 before options or shipping but including VAT.

Update 8 November:  We’ve just heard from Caminade that:

the One4All is going to be sale with a rear-shock protection against the mud, it will come for free with the bike. It’s important regarding weather in North of Europe.

Almost certainly a good idea.

Flowy frame for flowy trails
Flowy frame for flowy trails

In what may be a contender for “model name of the year,” the Simpletrack 29er hardtail is designed around a 120mm fork but will happily run anything from 100mm to 140mm depending on rider preference.  Dropper posts are accommodated for more technical riding and the same 44mm Reynolds head tube buys a bit of versatility.  Again manufactured entirely in France and guaranteed regardless of owner, the Simpletrack is also available in white, black, orange, blue, or custom colours.

Neat X12 dropouts
Neat X12 dropouts

Only available in two sizes (590mm and 610mm top tubes), the Simpletrack has a 69° head tube and a 73.5° effective seat tube.  Starting at 1,010€/£840/$1,350 including VAT, the Simpletrack can be ordered as a package with a Hope headset and/or bottom bracket.  More at

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    The one4All looks lurvelly, aesthetically, but I can see that shock lasting all of 20 seconds mounted down there with our weather. One lap of Dalby will see the seals torn to pieces.

    ^agreed. Looks quite nice, something a bit different, but no way would I ever consider buying it unless they agreed to service my shock FOC (including parts) every 25 hours of riding 😉

    Must be a fair-weather bike

    On the initial pics, I thought it might be a monolink design.
    Then I saw the detail pic.
    Ah well.

    Steel full-sus frames: Why? What’s the benefit over aluminium or carbon?
    And why is the hardtail so ugly? seat-stay/seat-tube/top-tube interface is just wrong.


    That would have made me very, very happy 😀


    Why a grand difference in price????
    Or is it a typo?????

    Ah it’s a hard tail d’oh

    @hot_fiat & stilltortise,

    We’ve just heard from Caminade that “the One4All is going to be sale with a rear-shock protection against the mud, it will come for free with the bike. It’s important regarding weather in North of Europe.”

    All that lovely work, and then they stick the hose on with cable ties.

    My Cube Stereo has the rear shock there and I’ve never experienced any issues.
    Just need to clean and lube.

    Do they win a prize for the world’s longest chain stays?

    If you cross the channel and go over he Pyrenees, you’ll be in Spain.

    I like that Simpletrack! Can I have one for free? 😀

    Dare i say they look a bit ‘girly’?

    The simpletrack does look like a ladies frame…

    one4All looks lovely in it’s skinny steeliness though don’t love the load paths in the hard tail looks like cracks waiting to happen on that seat tube.

    I do 2nd the chainstay length question from sillyoldman, at 445mm they’re a fair bit longer than the equivalent (at Rocket is 428mm) and as someone who rides a Keewee Chromo8 I know about long back ends an while it makes it damn stable there may be some fun lost.

    Has a similar appearance to the nomad ie: a sh*tting dog!!

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