TracksEdge – the art of riding bikes

October 10, 2013

Here’s an interesting kickstarter that’s just dropped into our inbox, and here’s their spiel…

The concept is this:  we take any trail, race, road, or path and convert it into sculpture or canvas to display as art.

My company is called TracksEdge and I have attached an image of our novel canvas and sculpture art that is based on a recent ride. Basically our art is:

Tries to avoid obvious route shaped
It’s art

1.    Innovative – TracksEdge is the most unique way to convert GPS and map data directly into art.  Our art tells a unique story: yours.  It is the ultimate conversation piece allowing its owners to talk about their experiences.

2.    Sleek – Our designs are minimalistic and allow owners to walk a fine line between abstract art and personal expression.

3.    Easy to Create – TracksEdge enables visitors to upload GPS files directly to our site or to just draw their route directly.  Once they select a display option, size, and color, we manufacture the art.

Here is the exciting part.  We just launched our kickstarter campaign today (link is here: Kickstarter).

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