TracksEdge – the art of riding bikes

by Dave Anderson 20

Here’s an interesting kickstarter that’s just dropped into our inbox, and here’s their spiel…

The concept is this:  we take any trail, race, road, or path and convert it into sculpture or canvas to display as art.

My company is called TracksEdge and I have attached an image of our novel canvas and sculpture art that is based on a recent ride. Basically our art is:

Tries to avoid obvious route shaped
It’s art

1.    Innovative – TracksEdge is the most unique way to convert GPS and map data directly into art.  Our art tells a unique story: yours.  It is the ultimate conversation piece allowing its owners to talk about their experiences.

2.    Sleek – Our designs are minimalistic and allow owners to walk a fine line between abstract art and personal expression.

3.    Easy to Create – TracksEdge enables visitors to upload GPS files directly to our site or to just draw their route directly.  Once they select a display option, size, and color, we manufacture the art.

Here is the exciting part.  We just launched our kickstarter campaign today (link is here: Kickstarter).

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  1. $100 for a sculpture of a line? Seems like a quick way to make money back on a 3D printer.

  2. Easier to laser-cut rather than use a 3D printer. It’s certainly not rocket science, I could probably knock up software to do it in a day or so. No idea why they need $26,600, unless it’s to buy their own manufacturing hardware…

  3. They used the word “minimalistic” so I’m oot.

  4. If they’re doing a 3D sculpture, why do they not include the altitude and make it properly 3D?

  5. Its a nice ‘thing’, and a nice idea (if a little niche markety) but surely too expensive.

  6. it may well have altitude, on an a4 map of britain, ben nevis is about as thick as the paper its printed on.

  7. Why?

    Really would it not be better to frame an OS Map with the route on.

  8. Quite possibly the most pointless thing EVER. Wonder if they do one of the old Nurburgring??

  9. Wonder if they’d do one of ‘that’ Strava track in Brighton?

  10. How would they make a 2D sculpture? By definition all sculpture is 3D

  11. my son has one of these in the shape of a horse and the idea is that you have to move the wand thingy from one ‘end’ to the other without the buzzer going off – cost less than a tenner

  12. It’s something I’d expect to see in the trail centers and sell for £10 to £15. The nurburgring is almost an iconic shape, it’s an iconic circuit, they’d sell well in their souvenirs shop for around £30 to £35.

  13. Well I quite like it, although it’s not cheap, is it.

  14. could they do me a mint sauce key ring? anyone got one i could borrow?

  15. Seems to be imitating these guys:
    first place to get Nurburgring etc…

  16. The funds raised as part of our kickstarter campaign will be used to purchase the following equipment and supplies:

    Canon professional canvas printer
    Laminator and heat applicator
    Canvas stock, stretcher bars and framing stock for canvas prints
    Composite panels for sculptures
    Edge painting and machining equipment
    Walnut pedestal displays and mounting equipment for sculptures
    Shipping boxes and liners
    Other miscellaneous equipment and supplies

  17. At least they are transparent – hadn’t read that far down. It is group funding to buy the equipment and materials. I’d have priced it a lot cheaper though and saved face from all the criticism. After all we’ve said they’ll probably get the funding!

    I’ve always wanted to plan and track a route in the shape of a giant penis on strava or endomondo, so that it shows up on facebook – never got round to it though. Might just do it now.

  18. Perfect for the Strava-obsessed to memorise their temporary KOM time… So, not for me.

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