The bumbag is back. But is it cool again?

October 22, 2013

Coming in February: Dakine’s Enduro Hip Pack

Despite the camo, people will notice this.
Despite the camo, people will notice.

Those of us who have been riding since before Camelbak kicked off the era of the hydration pack will remember (perhaps fondly, perhaps not) the reign of the bumbag.  Known by various names across the Anglosphere, in a mountain bike context the hip pack (memorably re-christened the Ass Satchel by a now-defunct US mountain bike magazine) proved popular thanks to its low, stable position and sweat-minimising compact footprint. Granted, water had to be carried on the bike, but that was a time when two sets of bottle bosses were expected on all frames and a third envied.

Since hydration packs took over, the bumbag has largely been relegated to tourist duty.  Of course, no day in the sun lasts forever- and we are starting to sense a backlash against big packs.  Last month we shared Specialized’s smuggler’s undies.  Today we have Dakine’s Enduro Hip Pack.

Everything in its right place.
Everything in its right place.

The Enduro Hip Pack has a claimed 9L capacity, which should be plenty for most fair-weather outings.  Between main compartment organisation and a pair of wing pockets, finding a place for everything should be a cinch.  In an age of £100+ hydration packs, the US$50 price (which should translate somewhere under £40) makes for a pleasant change of pace.  Not into camo?  Solid black and Hood (a topographic map print of Oregon’s Mt. Hood with green accents) will also be offered.

Is it time to revisit the bumbag?  Come February, we’ll be able to vote with our… pocketbooks.

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