Interbike 2013: Exposure adds 2-way remote

October 1, 2013

Exposure goes wireless…

2-way remote!
2-way remote!

Big news at the booth of USE/Exposure US distributors Ibex Sports was the British company’s new Equinox light set.  While the tiny 1,200 lumen helmet light is impressive on its own, this is more than just a higher-power Diablo.  Shown in prototype form at right, Exposure’s first wireless remote is unique in its 2-way functionality.  So not only will the rider be able to run through the light’s programmable levels from the bar, but (s)he will also get feedback on output level and remaining power through the lit switch.  Pretty slick stuff.

Want more?  Plugging in the helmet-mounted Support Cell shown at left allows the light to run at a full 2,000 lumen- though for only one hour.  For longer run times, Exposure’s existing three-cell batteries (which would likely be pack- or jersey-mounted) will yield 2 hours at full power, four at 1,200 lumen, and all night at lower settings.  Pricing for the Equinox (including bar and helmet mounts as well as the remote) is £265/$400 or £300/$450 when bundled with the single-cell external battery above.

Incredible shrinking lights
Incredible shrinking lights

At the other end of the spectrum is the incredibly tiny Axis bar or helmet light.  Priced at £170, this little light puts out 550 lumen for 2 hours.  Just be sure to use the included lanyard- in the event a crash there will be no finding an unlit Axis in the brush.

2:55 remaining...
2:55 remaining…

New last year and tweaked for this fall, the Reflex Mk. 2 is Exposure’s self-adjusting light.  Capable of 2,200 lumen, the Reflex uses accelerometers and thermocouples to infer the rider’s speed- and how much light is needed.  Not noticeable in use, the original design did a good job at managing output to minimise wasted lumens and maximise run tine.  For 2014, programming has been tweaked and response time improved.  Want the best?  That’ll be £435/$600.

Exposure and Ibex are expecting stock around November first.

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