Interbike 2013: Shelter with Effetto Mariposa tape

September 20, 2013

Rock-proof sticky tape?

Thick, clear, & protective.
Thick, clear, & protective.

Carbon fibre tubes – actually any thin-walled tubes – don’t take particularly well to having rocks thrown at them.  While many manufacturers are starting to ship bikes with protective guards, those are rarely an attractive solution.  Enter Effetto Mariposa’s Shelter tape.  Described as being capable of “mutant healing,” the ~2mm thick transparent tape’s internal structure actually dissipates impacts… and any small nicks then self-heal.

Heady claims?  US distributor Cantitoe Road decided to wrap a fluorescent bulb with a single layer of the stuff… and drop a hammer on it.  Over and over.  And who doesn’t want to watch a hammer dropped on light bulbs?

Available in various formats in the UK from Upgrade and the US from Cantitoe Road.

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