Midweek Mini Movies 133

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Here we go again, halfway to freedom once more. It’s Wednesday, it’s vaguely lunch time’ish; so lets kick back, tune in and absorb another load of visual moving picture delights.

What have we got? There’s Nepal, India and South Africa. Some Hebden locals, some forum regulars, Nevis, Nyquist and a bit of Berlin. Skate, create, and transcend through surf.

It’s all good.

Mountain biking Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

This great little video showcases the amazing trails snaking through the valley high above Kathmandu in Nepal. For most people, Nepal means Himalayas, but the riding in the Kathmandu Valley definitely holds its own and is a perfect place to acclimatise for the big mountains! A film from H & I Adventures.

Rocking The Fat One

Fat bike riding in the snow with great-rock.co.uk
Shot in between Hebden Bridge and Ribblehead in Yorkshire, England.

Cobra Trail

A film by Mountainbikekerala. Every day trail obstacles… Watch for the trail-side cobra making an appearance on the left, by the wall.

UK Bike Skills – Video Blog 2.1

First video blog of the year, we managed to find a gap between the rain and the snow to get on the woodwork for the first time in ages. A film by Jedi and Stophe.

Josef Woitella – Trails Of Berlin

Josef Woitella on the trails of the German capital. Gymtrails, Sundownhills Strawberry and trails. Joseph is supported by Leafcycles, Atmosfair and MTBISOKAY and drives a suitably shonky old Golf.

Hebden Bridge snow riding

Daniel Badon and Matt Greenwood shredding in the snow. Filmed and edited by Euan Bugler.

Kenny Belaey’s Cape Epic – South Africa

Kenny Belaey, nine-time Trials Bike world champion cruising around Cape Town on his Enduro LE Force by GT bicycles. “Earn your wings…”

Downhill at Nevis Range with Keir Coupland

The winning film from Nevis Range Scotland’s 2012 MTB Film Comp filmed by Andrew Ashworth.

Ryan Nyquist BMX Big Trick Jump Session: Getting Awesome

Pro BMXer Ryan Nyquist steps it up with a mega jump and quarterpipe build and session at NorCal’s Freedom 40 trails. Ryan gets to work building the jump himself with a Bobcat, eventually bringing in larger reinforcements. With the jump finally built, the session kicks off with Ryan leading the charge including Omar Romero, Greg Watts, Brandon Semenuk, and Joel Hulsey—bangers ensue!


It’s like the bastard child of Strava and Instagram, for hipsters.

adidas Skateboarding Euro Lines with Dennis Busenitz

In conjunction with the release of his signature footwear models the Busenitz ADV, Vulc & Pro, Dennis travels to Europe doing what he does best… lots and lots of lines!



One man’s struggle to transcend.
“This humble film is about a friend of mine named Michael and his daily ritual to find his natural self through surfing.” says director Sean Mullens

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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  1. Ha. Was only watching the first vid. Colours of Kathmandu last night. After my gf and I had booked our tickets there for later this year. Engage smug mode. Do I take my own bike or not? Seems to be a few bike shops and hire companies with their finger on the pulse. Don’t want no clunker.

  2. That Surf vid is stunning and inspirational.

  3. 2 weeks ago i was riding those exact trails in kathmandu – they’re excellent!!

    suddenly became dusty in the room when the surfing vid came on. hero.

  4. Loved the surf film. So much passion for his sport to do that every day!

  5. That Surf vid is stunning and inspirational.
    +1 – I might normally skip anything that says it’s about someone ‘finding themselves’ but wors’ and yetitony’s comments piqued my interest. Thanks guys…

  6. Surf vid is incredible and humbling, Makes my feeble excuses for not riding enough lately rather shameful….its too cold….its too wet….the trails are all muddy……..get a grip!

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