Up The Buttress

September 11, 2012

Looking for Up The Buttress 2013?

41 brave folk turned up to take on the mighty Hebden Bridge Buttress on Saturday. The 400 yard cobbled climb took no prisoners and for the majority of riders starting from the old town bridge, guaranteed a lung-burning climb under the gaze of a vocal crowd of spectators and semi-professional hecklers.

The conditions were perfect for a fast time and eventual winner, local cyclocross legend Jack Clarkson, took the title in style, fishtailing uphill as he powered up the stupid-steep climb. Many local riders came out to ride and several onlookers were conned, er, persuaded to have a go.

The full results are below.

Get your best gurn on.


Speedy ladies too


Crossing the official chalk finish line. Looking a bit pale there…


Crying with pain? Or shame?




Tony Lund takes to two-footed propulsion


Good natured crowds cheered everyone on.


All ages took on the challenge
This tasty Shand ‘cross bike was being shaken down ready for the Three Peaks.


Even after the ‘steep’ bit, it wasn’t easy


Jack Clarkson, eyes on the prize
Not everyone made the first 50 yards


The first bit of the cobbles was the steepest…



Freaks abounded


Young ‘uns


The ‘normal people’ prize winners!


Elite ladies


Clarkson wins the tea!

Pics above by Boulty from Blazing Saddles Bike Shop.
Other pics in the gallery below by Boulty and by Andy Spencer Images


The event was the first day of the South Pennines Walk and Ride Festival, which is on now, with all sorts of organised rides going on. There’s also going to be a Mountain Bike Film Night in Hebden Bridge Cinema next Thursday, Sept 20th.



Rider Number Rider Name Ride 1 Ride 2 Category
9 Jack Clarkson 01:55.41 02:03.200 Elite Male
23 Simon Chopping 02:13.500 02:18.900 Elite Male
25 Matt Wilson 02:20.200 02:31.900 Elite Male
8 Rob Davies 02:20.900 Elite Male
15 Robin Holt 02:23.700 02:24.400 Elite Male
32 Eddie Hibbert 03:45.100 02:26.180 Elite Male
24 John Alexander 02:28.270 02:34.400 Elite Male
19 Craig Kershaw 02:32.400 Elite Male
4 Steve Williams 02:34.430 Elite Male
13 Stu Spence 02:35.500 02:55.500 Elite Male
22 Brant Richards 02:36.700 Elite Male
28 Phil Warburton 02:40.500 02:56.400 Elite Male
30 Graham Brown 02:46.100 Elite Male
29 Jim Simpson 03:11.300 02:56.800 Elite Male
39 Robert Tyson 02:57.200 03:20.100 Elite Male
3 Jack Page 03:07.150 Elite Male
17 Tony Lund 03:18.400 03:11.700 Elite Male
12 Rob Longdon 03:45.800 03:25.200 Elite Male
2 Tom Parzyk 03:31.700 Elite Male
41 Andy Brunt 03:40.290 Elite Male
1 Clive Greatorex 04:31.850 03:55.470 Elite Male
27 David Hall 03:56.300 03:55.800 Elite Male
34 Noah Rose 04:14.700 Elite Male
36 Anthony Murphy 04:15.220 Elite Male
33 Geoff Bogacki 04:34.600 Elite Male
21 Dave Johnstone 04:58.810 04:25.380 Elite Male
35 Danny Sheard 04:58.640 Elite Male
31 Jack Fillingham 01:24.900 01:21.900 HAH (Male U18)
26 Ben Greenwood 01:33.900 01:38.900 HAH (Male U18)
7 Ed Townsend 01:43.900 01:46.900 HAH (Male)
5 Rebecca Andcliffe 01:49.240 HAH (Female)
38 Sam Persival 01:57.900 01:50.900 HAH  Male
16 Stu & Ed (The Tandem) 01:59.900 03:16.410 HAH  Male
37 Jake Bogacki 02:07.900 HAH  U18  Male
6 Andy Linton 02:22.900 02:55.900 HAH (Male)
11 Thomas Longdon 04:35.900 03:15.900 HAH (Male U18)
14 Jenny Holt 03:28.700 03:27.400 Elite Female
20 Beate Kubitz 04:47.900 03:29.220 Elite Female
18 Anna Leatherborrow 04:05.700 04:02.180 Elite Female
40 Sarah Hunt 04:48.800 Elite Female

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