Rab’s World: Dirt School Hits The Trail

September 4, 2012

At the end of August I put the Superfly away and mounted the Remedy for a week of coaching with Andy Barlow as Dirt School hit the trail. When I joined the select group of coaches at Dirt School in April this year there was always a plan for Andy and I to go on the road to check out some of the fantastic coaching and riding venues further south and to spread the word on what we do at Dirt School. I mentioned in last month’s Rab’s World that I would miss the last British Cycling Cross Country race which I was disappointed about. However I’m pleased to say the week away made up for the fact I was missing a race, with fantastic trails and even better riding companions. Well, except for Andy and his ‘50 push up challenge’ gauntlet which was laid down on average four times a day.

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