Midweek Movies

by Chipps 10

Despite Olympic fever gripping the country, there’s still room for some tasty video diversion in your lunch break, isn’t there?


First off, a behind the scenes view of Andreu Lacondeguy


Which reminds us. Here’s the new, full-length trailer (eh? It’s about five minutes, OK?) of Red Bull’s ‘Where the Trail Ends’


How about some more rad tricks, but this time on a mini-bike

And here’s an overnighter trip taken up Snowdon on nearly the longest day.


Talking of trailers, we’ve just had this in from Chris Akrigg, who’s been playing in Malaga, Spain…


Keeping things a little more wheels on the ground, here’s a timelapse looking at the behind the scenes preparation for this year’s BC Bike Race.


Fancy trying ‘the hardest mountain bike race in the world’? (this year was 26,000m climbing in seven days) Matt Page took on the Iron Bike race and here’s a video of just one of the stages. How does riding 3966 unseen steps down through a 17C  fort appeal? No warning signs at all during the event as there would end up being too many!


And, inspired by a thread on the forum, here’s what happens when you take a 1000cc Superbike off roading, complete with slicks and hard suspension. Caution – 12mins long and very sweary!


We can’t link directly to BBC iPlayer, but here’s a hyperlink to the Women’s Olympic Road Race, doing a great job of showing the men a bit of tactics and aggression. Starts about 1hr 15mins in (and you won’t be able to see it if you’re not in the UK).



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  1. Motorbike guy sounds a bit like David Walliams’ slighlty less camp foul mouthed big brother..

  2. Longest day video, shoot that man putting milk in the tea before it’s finished brewing! Barbarian.

  3. The Snowdon video – just wow!

  4. What tyres for……..Steps, lots, and lots, of steps!! 😉

  5. that race down the steps – WHY….

  6. Sounds like the guy riding down the steps is having such a good time he’s knocking one out…

  7. Where the trail ends. Shock discovery. Americans realise there is riding outside of the USA!!!

  8. Gsxr down a green lane. Nob

  9. Stuff the biking – check out the link after the step-riding video – American mum uses ‘extreme couponing’ to get a $267 food shop down to 1 cent! Now that’s radical. She’s fit too…

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