Midweek Movies 102

June 13, 2012

After last week’s instalment getting lost due to something to do with nationwide boozing and the monarchy, followed by the mass exodus of staff to be fed to midges at the Fort William World Cup, you’re well overdue a tasty portion of Midweek Movies. Think of it as the lovely crispy bits they scoop out from the chippy fryer – won’t do anything for high cholesterol but incredibly more-ish.

Have we mentioned the Shimano Singletrack Weekender lately? Yes, yes we have – but with good reason. Time draws close for what’s been described as the best all-round event out there and we need more hardened competitors (well, preferably normal people out for a weekend of bike riding and laughs) to come and sign up. It’s taking place on the 14-15th July at Lee Quarry in Lancashire and this video from last year’s event should give you a little taste of the event, though this year we promise not to have any weird weather…

Brandon Semenuk and friend’s mini series continues with a trip to the States and the home of big air, Woodward West. They hook up with Kyle Strait – on a regime of 50% riding, 50% fitness and pressups between dirt trail runs – do some sweet jumps and then finish off with an American staple; no, not massive burgers, but the sweet smell of cordite and roar of gunfire.

While SheGNARnigans may have a name that calls to mind an Irish themed bar for flat peaked and bestickered baseball cap wearers, it’s nothing of the sort. It’s actually a multi-national collection of bike riders that are split between Whistler and New Zealand that do a good line in videos documenting their exploit. We like this one because they’ve managed to do the girls-riding-bikes-hard thing without any trite, look-at-them-they’re-doing-so-well nonsense and a brilliant soundtrack from the Joy Formidable.

Compression tune boundary pusher and slackest bike in the business rider hook up to go ride bikes with engines on a proper boy’s adventure in the desert. Chris Porter and Fabien Barel do the Tuareg Rally…


You don’t often realise how much riding you do through the year or the sheer variety of terrain, conditions and people you do it with, but Nick’s year worth of video footage gave us a nice warm feeling as we thought about our last year on bikes…

Here’s rather cool look behind the scenes of Yeti Cycle’s R&D department. It’s basically four minutes of framebuilding porn.

Some BMX madness now with Drew Bezanson. It will blow your mind.

The mountain biking Jedi that is Tony Doyle of UK Bike Skills returns with his regular video blog on coaching, bike riding and  the satisfaction of seeing people progress…

Thanks to everyone that sent in videos this week – if you’ve seen anything you reckon should be up here then send it into newsdesk@singletrackworld.com..

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