Stocking Thrillers Day 14

December 15, 2011

Once again we bring you a festive smorgaboard of stocking filling treats…

G-Form Knee, elbow and shin pads

G-Form protection is the ultimate present for the person you love (or yourself). G-Form have revolutionised impact protection. Their innovative and groundbreaking RPT™ products absorb over 90% of the energy from high-speed impact. The products eat energy, converting it into armour upon impact and feature unique hinging and moulding, which allows cyclists the ultimate freedom and flexibility when pushing themselves to the limits. The RPT™ pads can be easily worn over or under clothing and have self wicking properties.

Price: £39.99 each

From: Today’s Cyclist

Ergon Cleat Tool

A unique tool to enable the precise installation of cleats on shoes ensuring maximum pedalling performance and comfort.
Includes a handbook with explanations of the ergonomic principles and bio-mechanic thinking behind the tool as well as ‘expert tips’ on pedalling technique.

Price: £19.99

From: Extra UK

Buff Hides™ Techno Skin

HidesTM is the only product in the world that combines the essentials of an eyewear retainer (for security), case (for protection) and cleaning cloth (for performance) all in one. Hides™ Techno skin have a clip away section to shorten the retainer strap to secure glasses around your head when you hit the trail.

Price: £8.99

From: Buffera

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