Stocking Thrillers Day 14

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Once again we bring you a festive smorgaboard of stocking filling treats…

G-Form Knee, elbow and shin pads

G-Form protection is the ultimate present for the person you love (or yourself). G-Form have revolutionised impact protection. Their innovative and groundbreaking RPT™ products absorb over 90% of the energy from high-speed impact. The products eat energy, converting it into armour upon impact and feature unique hinging and moulding, which allows cyclists the ultimate freedom and flexibility when pushing themselves to the limits. The RPT™ pads can be easily worn over or under clothing and have self wicking properties.

Price: £39.99 each

From: Today’s Cyclist

Ergon Cleat Tool

A unique tool to enable the precise installation of cleats on shoes ensuring maximum pedalling performance and comfort.
Includes a handbook with explanations of the ergonomic principles and bio-mechanic thinking behind the tool as well as ‘expert tips’ on pedalling technique.

Price: £19.99

From: Extra UK

Buff Hides™ Techno Skin

HidesTM is the only product in the world that combines the essentials of an eyewear retainer (for security), case (for protection) and cleaning cloth (for performance) all in one. Hides™ Techno skin have a clip away section to shorten the retainer strap to secure glasses around your head when you hit the trail.

Price: £8.99

From: Buffera

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    Hey guys, love the Stocking Thrillers etc, but I’ve had an idea for the next issue. How about ‘The Anti-Bling Issue’ of Singletrack? You could test all the crazy budget kit from the likes of Lidl, Aldi and SportsDirect (including non bike-specific stuff) and see if its up to the rigours of mountain biking. A good edition to kick off these austerity and recession hit times in Jan? I think it would be useful to a lot of people and also a bold trend-shunning move. I’ve had both fantastic and aweful experiences with these cheap options, so could be full of variety and a few laughs….

    Starfangled, that’s why magazines like what mountainbike exist, maybe suggest it on their website?

    Mmmm. I think any magazine exists on the basis of advertising revenue. I know what you mean though – they sometimes run Lidl articles on BR. Be nice to see a properly written feature though. Anyway just a suggestion. Could be a fun big feature. Or not.

    starfangled – remember, over-biked Audi driving IT bods wouldn’t be seen dead in Aldi, might impact on mag sales 😉

    LOL! To be fair, I don’t think anyone would want their dead body to pop up in Aldi. Very distressing for the relatives.

    Good idea starfangled – might steal that one from you… 😉

    Brilliant idea Starfanglednutter – most of us ride every week on our £3k bikes but clad in ALDI leggins and with magicshine – similar available on ebay or dealextreme – lights and P7 torches on our helmets. Come on singletrack do us a budget review and comapre the products 80% of us use each week it would be a great move for the readers… even if not so great for your advertising partners?!?

    The problem with unbranded limited quantity deals is that 3 months later when the magazine goes to print will anyone be able to buy the same piece of kit as that tested?

    …and if 80% of us are already using the kit, do we need the mag to tell us what it’s like, the riders themselves do that already through the forum

    @akak – Stores like Lidl sell everything on a rolling basis, so it comes back in every 4/5 weeks or so.
    @iain1775 – That’s another very good point. But here’s my theory: Stores such as these are very good at tracking what sells and doesn’t – and changing product range accordingly. Sales of bike stuff increased recently due to tightened purse strings – so they expanded their range slightly. As you rightly say, BR mentions and forum big-ups have helped draw attention. So imagine if the MTB magazine commentariat actually visibly takes notice, reviews some products and engages with their PR/marketing department. I think they might put in more effort and expand the range further. For example, they recently released a rather attractive snowboarding helmet which, by accounts, was pretty good, and almost suitable for AM MTB, just a bit too hot and heavy. Tantalising to write to them and suggest they make some proper MTB helmets. But why would they, unless they knew the market was there? One letter from muggins here, vs a magazine article. They might even start submitting products for review! Another example – some of the running base layer Campri stuff from SportsDirect is equal to, if not better, than some of the bike specific stuff at at least 5 times the price. More custom can only lead to better designs etc at this budget price point. Anyway, just a theory, and I’m only suggesting a one-off, in one issue, about 4 pages long or whatever. Given some of the adverts double page spreads, I don’t see it as a biggie personally.

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