Midweek Mini Movies

December 7, 2011

There are two ways to look at Wednesday, depending on whether you’re a glass half full or half empty person. Halfway to freedom or just the same suffering to do again? Of course it doesn’t really matter, because whichever way you look at it, you’re stuck in the middle with us. To help you get over the hump of Wednesday we’ve dragged together some inspirational and aspirational viewing for your lunch break…

The year is drawing to a close and it’s time to look back over what you’ve achieved, apart from getting older. Of course, if you’ve spent it wisely, you’ll have a warm glow of satisfaction and the knowledge of time well spent. And what could have been wiser than spending it dicking about on bikes? Nothing, that’s what. ThisISheffield have led the pack in 2011….

(Does contain an artfully shot man-arse, we’ll warn you now)

Ever been out riding and realised that you’re meant to be doing something else? This prize winning clip is all about that. Just where do your priorities lie?

Rich Norgate sent us this edit of a windy winter ride over to Hebden from Elland. Classy soundtrack, classy edit. If we couldn’t look outside and see the grimness for ourselves it’d almost convince us that winter riding is sweet, soulful joy…

Matt Wight of Stif Cycles has been playing up ont moors on his Nomad. Where’s the mud?

Soul is definitely the right soundtrack to this edit of Verde BMX rider Matt Priest. Smooth as.

This may be ‘simple animation’ using a bicycle wheel but it’s rather entrancing…

Ever wondered why you’re not a world class athlete? Probably because you don’t do training like this (apologies if you are, surprised if you do this and you’re still rubbish though).

Ross Schnell of Trek Bicycles wants you to have a beautiful ‘tache. We hear that, even as we speak, Ed Oxley is currently at work on a winter beard growing guide for ladies. Beard is beautiful, you heard it hear first.

This really makes a mockery of most stuff that gets labelled with the all-mountain tag. Riding down Mont Blanc on your hardtail? Piece of. The horrified look on the faces of the mountaineers he passes says it all really. The ridgeline sections had us twitching…

Bob from Campbell Coaching has knocked up a guide to both the basics and more advanced techniques that come in handy for getting out night-riding. Make the most of the dark months, it’ll make the beer afterwards taste delicious.

Big thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions last week – if you’ve seen or made anything good then send it in to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll pop it up here next week….

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