Interbike 2011: Oakley

by Chipps 8

Oakley showed us its new range of packs and goggles and glasses but also revealed that it will no longer be making cycling clothing. Apparently it’s not a big enough market and it wants to concentrate mainly on its core markets of (can you guess?): snow, surf and… golf… So no more Oakley shorts.

Once we’d been ushered into the Oakley trailer of pumping music, we were shown some of the new range of stuff that we will get to see:

Big trailer, many glasses (and also Oakley’s ‘shoot them in the eyes’ test rig…

Here's a huge day pack...


More sensibly sized and garish pack


And the smallest, most practical size

Oakley is releasing a limited amount of products with its old-school logo on, including goggles in fully retro colours – and matching summer gloves



Old enough to remember wanting things with this logo on?


There are road gloves in women's (top) and men's (bottom)


Troy! There are some goggles designed in conjunction with Troy Lee Designs

And some lifestyle glasses for the terminally cool…



Girls only on these ones - very 50s!

One of the most interesting things we were shown was a prototype of the new women’s Razor. It’s a hugely popular riding glass for men, but it’s a bit big and chunky for women’s faces. So here’s a look at the women’s Razor.  Production ones won’t have the bent arms, but will feature the same, smaller vented lens and very spiffy mint colour among others.

It's mintier than it looks in this shot


Arms will be straight in production, but the lens shape is how it will look.



Comments (8)

  1. Model name of the blue ones with the red icon, anyone? Me likey…..(But not in that colour!)

  2. i was about to ask the same thing CFH!

  3. too bad. they make some really nice shorts. I’ve been wearing their shorts since the first pair came out in the late 1990s…

  4. Great minds, eh, pinches old chap!

  5. bit hilfiggery for you, preppy boy 🙂

  6. Shame about the clothes, my Oakley SPD shoe have been ace, as has my jersey. Maybe they just last too long.

  7. I have some of those Factory Gloves in a stylish fluro yellow and can confirm that they are very comfy.

  8. Shame about the lack of cycle clothing (their range of kit in Japan is fantastic)

    The glasses CFH are the new Jupiter squared. I like the woodgrain versions and the matte clear

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