Interbike 2011: MRP and White Bros

September 20, 2011

MRP is either very clever for holding something back for our Interbike coverage, or they’re a bit disorganised. We’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and applaud it for giving us something else to write about at Interbike along with our Eurobike story on its new 2x double ring chain guide. White Brothers too held back its new snow fork from the show.


MRP Micro G2

Yes, we know it looks like a regular chain device, but the Micro G2 is designed to work with much smaller rings than usual – 28-32. This is for the ‘first we’ve heard of it’ apparent new trend for micro-drive cassettes. We know that Hope are planning on making a cassette with a 9T small sprocket, but apparently a couple of other companies are going to be making them too. This lets everyone run smaller transmissions for better ground clearance and, er, whatever other benefits might follow.

We can see it being good for the more burly 29er 1×10 setups where a 28T orĀ  30T chainring would make sense.

But where can you get a 28T chainring eh? Ahah...

MRP will also be offering a chainring to match this setup. Three chainrings in fact: a 28, 30 and 32T ring. They are designed to bolt directly to a SRAM crank.

The chainring is certainly very low profile with its direct mount to the crank.


Elsewhere on the MRP booth it was showing off 1x chain guides for nearly every mount – direct, e-type, low mech, high mech…


And here's the G2 SL Carbon guide. As well as saving about a few grams, it also offers the advantage that if you smack it hard, it should flex, rather bend like a regular metal guide.

White Brothers

White Bros was showing its entry into the snow bike market. There were a lot of snow bikes there this year. Perhaps it’s the new singlespeed… Anyway, the SnowPack fork comes in two different lengths and weighs under a kilo.

And talking of snow bikes, we see that it’s not just Surly getting into the snow bike tyre market. Here’s a chunky tyre from Devist-8er (say ‘devastator’ we think…) – a 26×4.0 tyre. You’ll know if you need one or not. So probably not… They’re fun to look at. We were surprised that the Americans hadn’t started pioneering 29er snow tyres. We shouldn’t joke as there’s bound to be someone working on one… Because EVERYTHING is bigger over there, eh?

Now we just need some more snow this winter...

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